Data Validation Specialist

Come work with us!

Smarter Sorting is a VC funded, Austin-based startup that uses data-driven technology to turn Household Hazardous Waste into a reusable product. We’re on a mission to use machine learning to build the world's first smart chemical database (and save the world)! By helping North America's largest retailers and biggest cities identify items in their regulated waste stream, our tech literally turns waste into product, saving our customers money and increasing reuse.

The Smarter Sorting team is made up of top-notch talent who are driven circular economy practitioners. We're determined to build world-class tech that transforms the chemical waste management industry, speeding our advancement towards a zero waste future.

We're looking for people who want to help us expand our data set and make sure our system is the best in the business. This means we need experts to validate data, find new SDS links, enter new data and make sure recommendations are accurate. 

Who we're looking for:
- You want some part time work to fill time and make some extra money
- You can read an SDS and speak the language
- You nerd out about reuse and waste streams
- You know how to use a computer and own one
- You have reliable internet access
- You hear the phrase "Flam Tox" and know it is more than a cool idea for a band name
- You have heard of RCRA and have mentioned the words "acids and bases" multiple times since college

What you'll be doing:
- Product sleuthing
- Data validation
- SDS seeking

Other details:
- This position can be anywhere from 1-20 hours a week, depending on how much work you want
- We will provide training
- We will provide access to the online tools necessary