Trainee, Customer Solutions Engineer

Joining as a Customer Solutions Engineer Trainee gives you an opportunity to deepen your tech skills and learn more about strategic customer work. You get to work closely with world’s largest online advertisers across Europe, and deepen your industry knowledge of specific customer verticals, such as E-commerce, Gaming, and Travel.

Customer Solutions Engineers play a key role in managing customer onboarding and participate in strategic customer meetings. They rock both customer relationship management and deep-level technical problem solving. They see around corners and fix customer problems before they appear.

Customer Solutions Engineers also play a crucial role in maximizing product development speed, as they keep an eye on what manual work could be automated, and which best practices could be productized into features for all customers. They don’t just assist with technical implementations, such as configuring passing tracking data server-to-server, but are strategic partners to the customers in their online marketing.

Starting date is negotiable. We would prefer you to be able to work full-time at least during your first six months at but are willing to discuss part-time work after.

What we offer:

    • Steep learning curve developing your technical skill set with hands-on customer cases.
    • Work in an international team as a Customer Solutions Engineer and help the largest online advertisers manage their online user acquisition.
    • Travel to meet customers in the top business hubs of Europe, including London, Dublin, Paris, Madrid, and Berlin.
    • Preferably, you would continue as a full-time employee after the six months but we are willing to negotiate part-time. After becoming a full-time employee, you will have an opportunity to move to a different office to extend your international experience.

Who are we looking for?

    • Business talents with sideline programming projects and a drive towards product development OR programmers who are itching to take responsibility for customer cases and to learn about customer-facing work.
    • At minimum, you should have a Bachelor’s Degree, but we’re mainly looking for Master’s students close to graduating or recent graduates from the fields of Industrial Engineering and Management, Information Networks, Computer Science, Finance, Business Technology, or similar.
    • You should have fluent spoken and written English.
    • You should be able and willing to travel for meetings and events.

10 characteristics we’re looking for in an ideal Customer Solutions Engineer:

    • Hunger to become a world-class expert in both customer work and technical problem solving.
    • Background (educational, professional, or hobbyist) in programming and statistical problem solving.
    • Accustomed to working through experimenting and testing vs. playing by ready-made rules.
    • Self-driven approach to solving tricky technical problems (a.k.a. pro googler).
    • Laziness in manual work—you think in terms of scripts and automate everything you can.
    • Enthusiasm to assist and train your teammates to handle customers’ technical issues.
    • Drive to constantly develop your own technical and industry knowledge.
    • Capability to cooperate efficiently with our product development teams.
    • Ability to shine under pressure.
Recruiting process hires people that are extremely quick to learn new things because online marketing and Facebook as a platform evolve incredibly fast all the time. Our recruiting steps are designed to give you a realistic glimpse of the job, but also to test your ability and willingness to learn quickly and apply the fast-changing concepts of online advertising to maximize positive impact for your customers.

The recruiting process is an opportunity for both you and us to see if we're made for each other.

STEP 1 - Introductory calls with our talent team and your potential team lead.

STEP 2 - Crack a coding challenge to showcase your skills in basic web development.

STEP 3 - Role interview and discussion on Facebook advertising concepts, your technical knowledge and passions with the team.

STEP 4 - Product demo simulation where you need to convince us to start trial with the tool.

STEP 5 - Discussion with our leadership team.

Who we are is a fast-growing team of 330+ Humble Hungry Hunters. We are building a B2B SaaS product to fully automate and optimize online marketing at scale for the largest advertisers. We are a global company with 36 nationalities and footholds in 16 cities, serving 600+ brands, including eBay, Uber and Skyscanner. 

We are on a mission to make online advertising easy, efficient, and enjoyable across all major platforms. Easy as in automated, efficient as in constantly driving performance, and enjoyable through the best user experience and service in the market. We do this by combining creative automation, ad operations, and outstanding customer service to help brands scale their results – not headcount.

Great people choose us and stay with us because they like our company culture and how we tackle challenges of huge scale at speed. Learn more about how we work at

Some things we're proud of:
- 94% of Smartlies recommend the company as a great place to work.
- 4.9/5 stars on Glassdoor.