Product Manager

We are looking for Product Managers to join our Engineering Team in Helsinki to build a world-class product in an extremely fast-changing environment.

Role description
The Product Manager role at is the broadest and most transparent role we have. You get to meet our largest customers to learn about their problems, work closely with 3rd party platforms (e.g. Facebook) to figure out what new products they are launching, facilitate the decision-making process and roadmap planning together with your development team, help your team daily to ship the right product and measure the success of the built solutions. You will also have a direct impact on the long-term vision of our products and take part in building the strategy for their rollout. Smartly only has one saas product which is divided into 6-8 product areas. You, as Product Manager, are fully responsible for defining the vision and execution of one specific product area.

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About the Job:

    • You are responsible of crafting your team's roadmap and vision (together with the team). You work together with other product managers and the leadership team to align the product vision and strategy across the company.
    • You are fully responsible that product discovery is done properly. This includes user research, documentation (why, what and for whom), communication and prioritization.
    • You ensure that your development team has the customer and business context. You will interact with our customers to define the right problems to solve. We have great access to our users and we get tons of feedback. Working closely with 3rd party platforms (FB, Google, Pinterest) is also essential in aligning our roadmap with new features coming from their side.
    • You own the product backlog together with your developer team. In other words, you are also the product owner of the team. Development takes place simultaneously with discovery.
    • You ensure that everything we build has a clear goal, we are measuring if we are reaching the goals, and we have defined what we do if we don’t reach the goals. You use this information as a feedback loop to improve backlog prioritization.
    • Sharing knowledge is core at and especially in this role. You will lead the presentation of new features weekly in our Friday demos, create internal and customer-facing product documentation, and educate our customer teams on new features.

Minimum Qualifications:

    • Several years of product management and product owner experience, focusing on B2B SaaS and preferably building on top of a 3rd party platform.
    • Launched multiple successful software products and features. Consistent track record of driving user or revenue growth through experimentation.
    • A leader with some experience from a technologically very complex domain. Experience from online advertising domain (building measurement, optimization or reporting products, or personally running complex campaign setups across different platforms) is not mandatory but preferred.
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English.

About You:

    • Experience executing high-impact projects. Making hard decisions and trade-offs come naturally to you.
    • A data-driven approach to product development and growth.
    • Deep understanding and appreciation for users with a genuine passion to solve their problems. A love for crafting superb products that drive actual business outcomes.
    • Proven ability to lead teams and work cross-functionally in a highly collaborative environment.
    • Technical understanding to effectively communicate with engineers and understand 3rd party documentation.

Benefits of Working at

    • Work with the nicest and brightest teammates in a flat organization.
    • Opportunity to travel to meet customers, partners and Smartlies at our offices around the world.
    • Competitive salary + option plans.
    • Recharge yourself with full 5 weeks of paid annual leave.
    • Healthcare insurance/service.
    • Wellness and personal development (tools, events, etc) reimbursement.
    • Enjoy weekly breakfasts, monthly sports and quarterly dinners with the team.
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We’re building the best product company to work for, where highly autonomous engineering teams can take full ownership of creating a world-class software platform. As an engineer at you get to tackle challenges of considerable scale and complexity. We develop our product at a fast pace and in close cooperation with the largest online businesses globally, including Uber and eBay.

We build tools that help our customers work more effectively. Our product is at the core of how business is done today: it allows brands grow their business online, across platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Google. We automate all repetitive manual work to help them grow their sales, not headcount.

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