Technical Account Manager

New York

Are you either a developer who’s itching to work closely with customers and driving your own market, or a business expert with a programming hobby and ambition towards product development? Good. We need your help in scaling our product and business.

As a Technical Account Manager at, you put your technical problem solving skills to use, and unleash your drive for learning fast and teaching others. You work with the largest and most advanced performance marketers in the world, at the cutting edge of the online marketing industry. You predict and solve customers’ technical bottlenecks, develop our product, and add to your own technical skillset constantly. 

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We're definitely looking for you if you:

    • Are driven to become a world-class expert on two fronts: customer work and technical problem-solving
    • Have minimum 1–3 years of experience in software development, either professionally or through hobby projects (our tech stack includes Ruby on Rails, React+Redux+Flow, PHP, MongoDB, Cassandra and PostgreSQL), OR don’t necessarily have the above languages in your toolkit, but you are very proficient with Excel macros or other analytical processing of large data sets, and familiar with SQL and relational databases
    • Would rather work through experimenting and testing than play by ready-made rules
    • Take pride in solving tricky technical problems in a self-driven way
    • Think in terms of scripts, and rather spend some time to automate manual work than do it the hard way time after time
    • Have at least a Bachelor’s degree in software engineering, information technology, industrial engineering, information systems, or business administration studies including a lot of statistical problem-solving and programming
    • Have a genuine interest in online marketing and B2B customer work, and you’ve worked closely with customers in either sales or solving customers’ technical issues
    • Have good social skills that allow you to build trust and close relationships
    • Are able and willing to travel for meetings, conferences and industry events
    • Have fluent spoken and written English (we consider a plus if you have fluency also in other major languages)

As a Technical Account Manager at your tasks are:

    • Managing your own customer accounts — answering customers’ questions in everyday work, solving their problems on a longer term strategy, sharing industry best practices, as well as validating problems and transferring them to our product development team
    • Working with the world’s largest online advertisers and solving their trickiest technical problems, escalating only the hardest ones to the engineering teams
    • Debugging errors and going through code to solve problems, like digging through the database to find out root causes for customers’ problems
    • Assisting and training your teammates in handling technical issues to solve customer problems and pain points
    • Giving technical product demos that sell by finding out customer pain points and mending them with value-adding product features
    • Working with Facebook’s engineering teams 
    • Developing your own technical knowledge constantly to stay on top of the latest technology 

Recruiting process hires people that are extremely quick at learning new things because online marketing and Facebook as a platform evolve constantly with an incredibly fast pace. Our recruiting steps are designed to give you a realistic glimpse on some parts of the job, but also to test the ability and willingness to quickly learn and apply the fast-changing concepts of online advertising.

The process is an opportunity for both you and us to investigate are we made for each other. We always want to find the most suitable position for each candidate, add points of more f2f between the process steps, and the specific role is discussed along the way.

STEP 1 - Your first task is to do a homework assignment. Completing the homework requires learning the basics and even more challenging concepts of the Facebook advertising industry. 

STEP 2 - Facebook Advertising Concepts Interview & discussion about your passions and preferred role with your potential new teammates.

STEP 3 - Sales demo simulation where you need to convince us to start trial with the tool.

STEP 4 - Discussions with our management team.

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