Senior Sales Manager (Spanish / Portuguese speaking)

Buenos Aires

Do you enjoy cracking markets and capitalizing on growth opportunities? Do you love the adrenaline rush of closing sales deals? Great. You have the opportunity to do all these and more at We are looking for a person to drive the growth in Brazilian market and other latin american markets

As a Senior Sales Manager at, you put your hunter instincts to use, and unleash your drive for accelerating business growth. You knock on the doors (figuratively!) of leading brand and performance advertisers in the world to offer an innovative product at the cutting edge of the online marketing industry. You use customer focus and collaboration to build and manage trust-based customer relationships with large advertisers, understanding customer pain points and delivering value-based solutions to them. You are in the driver seat to open and grow target markets and verticals, and bring positive impact on revenue performance.

We're constantly looking for great talents to this position.

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We're definitely looking for you, if you

    • Have minimum 5+ years of sales and business development experience in B2B SaaS businesses in Brazilian market or other latin american markets, preferably in the online marketing domain.
    • Have proven track record of growing marketshare in Brazilian market or other latin american markets
    • Are able to create connections and engage confidently with a variety of audiences including C-level decision makers, and ideally have existing connections that open doors in verticals like automotive, e-commerce, entertainment, CPG, gaming, retail or travel.
    • Have an impressive track record of meeting and exceeding targets on a consistent basis.
    • Have a strong desire to learn about the product in order to effectively sell the product.
    • Have fluent spoken and written Portuguese and English
    • Are able and willing to travel for meetings, conferences and industry events.

As a Senior Sales Manager at, you will

    • Build a strong sales pipeline through active prospecting, networking and nurturing qualified leads.
    • Prepare and deliver compelling value propositions and sales demos to win over customers and close deals.
    • Drive the development and execution of winning sales strategies and actionable plans across verticals and segments, with up-to-date market and competitive insights.
    • Represent and position as a thought leader and go-to Facebook Marketing Partner within the industry.
    • Steer cross-functional collaboration with Product Development, Marketing, Service Operations etc to ensure customer success.
    • Help scale up sales capability and capacity within the team.

Recruiting process hires people that are extremely quick to learn new things because online marketing and Facebook as a platform evolve incredibly fast all the time. Our recruiting steps are designed to give you a realistic glimpse of the job, but also to test your ability and willingness to learn quickly and apply the fast-changing concepts of online advertising to maximize positive impact for your customers.

The recruiting process is an opportunity for both you and us to see if we're made for each other.

STEP 1 - Introductory calls with our talent team and your potential team lead.

STEP 2 - Sales homework preparation and submission.

STEP 3 - Sales homework presentation and role interview with the team.

STEP 4 - Sales demo simulation where you need to convince us to start trial with the tool.

STEP 5 - Discussion with our leadership team.