Software Engineering Manager

Minneapolis, MN
Engineering – Hub, Devices, and Hub Cloud Services
Did your things make you go “wow” today? At SmartThings, we are dedicated to making every home a Smart Home - and as the IoT platform of Samsung, with millions of users and connected devices, we are well on our way. We strive to create an easy-to-use, secure, and above all intelligent IoT solution for the home that delights our customers. Our fun, intelligent, and creative teams need your help to make our things a little more connected, and a lot smarter.

Team charter: ` Provide services and support enabling customers to join and operate hubs and hub connected devices on the SmartThings platform.`
Team responsibility Includes:  
Design & development of tools to enable third part device integrations on the SmartThings Platform. 
In home hub and device fleet management
Cloud management of edge computing framework for execution of automation's and device driver translation


    • Have a strong perspective that drives change and motivates engineers to develop simple solutions to complex problems.
    • Provide a service-oriented approach, working to help engineers clear roadblocks and be effective in their role.
    • Manage and mentor engineers, meeting with team members to provide frequent feedback, and also evaluate performance.
    • Amazing communication skills. Asking questions, listening, facilitating and arbitrating discussions, and presenting ideas to groups large and small are all things you are good at.
    • Understand how to deploy apps to the cloud, run them at scale, and integrate them with the rest of an ecosystem.
    • Contribute to the evolution of the Internet of Things.
    • Provide strategic direction that aligns with overall company goals.


    • Experience building software that spans custom hardware, cloud based software-as-a-service, mobile applications, and big-data-style analytics.
    • Experience partnering effectively across teams to manage scope, deliverables and direct stakeholders.
    • Performance management experience comfortable managing team members with different skill sets and areas of focus.
    • Experience effectively communicating context to team(s) and managing other internal stakeholders.
    • Understanding of large scale computing solutions, including software design and development, database architectures, IP networking, security, and performance tuning.
    • Experience managing the deployment and management of public and/or private clouds using Amazon Web Services or similar infrastructure service.

Desired Skills

    • Career progression in the software engineering track.
    • Agile Project Management experience
    • Experience in RESTful web services, structured development, edge computing and design patterns.

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