Front End Engineer

Cape Town
Front End
Smile Identity’s mission is to make the benefits of a modern digital lifestyle universally accessible by expanding trust in underserved markets. To do this, we use computer vision, machine learning, human review and local integrations to provide a comprehensive KYC (Know Your Customer) and user identification solution for mobile-first frontier markets, beginning in Africa. We are backed by US and African investors including Vinod Khosla, CRE Venture Capital, Savannah Fund, and PTB Ventures.

The Role

We are looking for a front end engineer with a passion for web development who wants to be a key part of the team building our enterprise-facing products. We need someone flexible that can balance between the day to day challenges of customer-driven fire drills, while developing scalable, process-driven methods for continuous improvement and daily software updates.
The job is to take our front-end user experiences and capabilities to the next level. We want to set a standard for beautiful, intuitive and useful enterprise software experiences on the African continent and beyond. To do this you’ll work with design consultants, our core engineering team in Silicon Valley, our Ops Team in Cape Town, and our CEO, to decide how best to improve our displays, interfaces, system configurations and the efficiency and performance of all customer facing surfaces.


    • You love to code. 
    • You write clean, high quality CSS. 
    • You have worked collaboratively with product managers, designers and backend engineers in the past but are also comfortable making decisions on your own when faced with unknowns.
    • You have run a variety of A-B tests for live products, and are comfortable using modern tools for A-B testing or rolling your own. 
    • You are comfortable with the process of prototyping before you build — showing examples to customers, asking for, taking, filtering and incorporating feedback, externally and internally.
    • You have designed and coded in a variety of languages/technologies; in particular AWS, RDBMS, SQL, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python. 
    • You have experience in React.
    • You have worked with AWS services and components and have integrated 3rd party APIs.
    • You understand security, the need to protect our clients’ privacy and the integrity of our data. 
    • You’ve used a variety of site analytics tools and understand how to implement comprehensive metrics — we need to track everything.
    • You are highly entrepreneurial. You take the initiative to solve problems as they arise, love to troubleshoot, and are flexible. 
    • You can take the heat. You are organized, do well under pressure, and can prioritize multiple tasks.

Preferred Qualifications

    • Bachelors or Masters in computer science 
    • Design or UX/UI experience with live products 
    • You have designed, implemented and tested code on Rails
    • You are a seeker of truth and care about expanding trust in under-served markets

Perks, Comp & Benefits

    • Responsibility: Be a key part of a Silicon Valley venture-backed startup 
    • Exposure: This is a front row seat to the technology boom in Sub-Saharan Africa
    • Ownership: Globally competitive salary with significant equity component
    • Health insurance reimbursement
    • Purpose: This is one of those rare chances in life to work on something that has real impact and potential for massive scale 
    • Periodic travel across Africa and annually to the US
About Smile Identity

At Smile Identity we believe anyone should be able to prove their identity easily, anywhere in the world. Our team is made up of American and African engineers and financial services professionals with experience across global markets in highly regulated environments. We’ve built encryption, authentication and security solutions. We’ve developed image-processing technology from the chip level up. We’ve been part of security investigations and have pursued fraudsters. Having worked with, or for, telecoms, lenders, banks and startups, we know the challenges of building world-class technology and we understand the needs of the African consumer and enterprise customer.