Content Strategist

New Delhi
Marketing & Growth
Content is at the core of our company. It is the way that we engage with potential users, share data with the world, and help our partners become more data-driven. We write and publish all types of content — blog articles, resources and guides, ebooks, data stories, MOOCs, case studies, engineering hacks, culture learnings, decks and much more. Our content covers everything from how to train your field staff to how to solve the world's biggest data problems.

Content Strategists are the guardian of all this content. They do whatever it takes to protect the quality of everything we publish, support our team and freelance content writers, and add their own voice to our content. 

What does a Content Strategist at SocialCops look like? They are imagineers, generating creative ideas for new stories, graphics, visualizations, or even content streams. They are nitpickers, scrutinizing every word and comma we publish. They are nurturers, helping to turn our writers' nascent ideas into amazing stories. They are innovators, continuously leveraging technology and data to make our content more effective. They are wranglers, stubbornly coaxing ideas and content from people across our teams. They are dreamers, ambitiously growing and even overhauling our content strategy. 

Does this sound like you? Then scroll to the bottom and apply! We're looking for a Content Strategist to help us with writing, editing and more.


    • Write flawless content for blogs, website pages, decks, resources and guides, MOOCs, ads and/or case studies.
    • Edit content quickly and thoroughly, covering everything from superficial grammar, fact-checking and style edits to deeper tone, voice and structural edits.
    • Learn and manage a diverse range of content publishing platforms and tools — Wordpress, simplified HTML/CSS, Udemy, Slideshare, Hubspot, Youtube, Quora, Twitter and/or Facebook.
    • Develop and execute your own stories, series, and campaign ideas, which seamlessly align with our company's goals and existing resources.
    • Plan and drive all aspects of content from creating a topic to publishing the final piece.
    • Coordinate between the Content Team and our internal and external content writers. 


    • Impeccable writing — you can't guard our content from errors if you yourself are making errors!
    • Excellent editing skills.
    • Love for clean, accessible writing that tells a great story. (No buzzwords or jargon!)
    • Ability to learn quickly and pick up new tools or platforms as needed.
    • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision under multiple tight deadlines.
    • Ability to work in a diverse international and multicultural team.
    • Experience working with or writing about data and technology is a plus.
    • Past experience in a similar role at a fast growing company is a plus.

SocialCops is a data intelligence company that is empowering leaders in organizations globally, including the United Nations and Unilever. Our platform powers over 150 organizations across 35+ countries. As a fast-growing tech startup, SocialCops was recognized in the list of Technology Pioneers 2018 by World Economic Forum and by the New York Times in its list of 30 global visionaries. We were also part of the Google Launchpad Accelerator 2018. Aasaanjobs named SocialCops as one of the best Indian startups to work for in 2018.

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At SocialCops, we are committed to building a great company — a company that enables leaders to make better decisions, inspires people from across the world, and builds an ecosystem for people to thrive. This is driven by our ability to build a great team that embraces people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, races, nationalities, religions, ages, gender identities or expressions, and everything that helps people around us be their own selves at SocialCops. We respect all kind of opinions, perspectives, and expressions at SocialCops, and believe that our workplace, customers, and community each contribute uniquely towards our mission of building a great company.