Data Science Intern

SOHO – Build Team
SOHO is a data-driven full-service digital strategy, intelligence, and product studio, set up in early 2008. We build software, sites, and multi-channel experiences for the world’s biggest organisations. From the United Nations and British National Health Service, through to private-equity and international law firms, we apply an evidence-based and test-driven approach to systems design.

We're looking for a data science intern who is passionate about bringing order and deriving insight from the unstructured web. Part of our mission at HASH is to make non-traditional, 'alternative' data sources usable and accessible, and you'll be working on this mission with our core engineering team.

What we're looking for:

    • Experience interrogating, and transforming data in any language (especially Python/Julia/R)
    • Interest in scraping web-based data using open-source tools such as Scrapy/Scrapinghub/
    • Candidates with any additional experience visualising data using HTML5/CSS3/D3.js/ggplot
    • Candidates with any other programming or software development experience
HASH is based in Central London. We're open to considering remote interns for this position, but if you are EU-based or otherwise have the right to live and work in the UK, we'd equally love to welcome you to our London offices. Ultimately we will be extending an offer to the most qualified candidate for the role, irrespective of location.

Right now, HASH is small, and we're still putting together the team. As such you'll be working directly with our CEO, and a small team of other developers.