Rust Engineer

Manhattan, NY
HASH – Product Engineering
HASH is a NYC-based startup dedicated to solving information-failure. We're building new technology that aims to enable rapid, accurate simulation of complex adaptive systems, allowing for better human decision-making, and more efficient machine-allocation of resources.

We're looking for someone who has:

    • Several years of experience programming;  you’ve learned multiple languages and you’re acquainted with software development practices
    • Current experience coding in Rust, especially publishing crates, working with parallelism, or interacting with the Rust community.

On a typical day:

    • You’ll be writing Rust code to contribute to our open-source HASH application, which publishes to a variety of targets (wasm via npm; python via pip; rust via cargo; …), and enables on high performance agent-based simulations.
    • You’ll work closely with Jude, our CTO, in reviewing each other’s contributions to the Rust codebase and evolving the platform’s architecture.

We're happy to teach on the job...

    • Any particular language, framework, architecture, or software development process.

...but we need you to come into the job knowing:

    • How to program in Rust
    • How proactively find and fix bugs in your own code
Please include a resume and a cover letter expressing your interest in working with HASH. Your application will be reviewed directly by us, the founders at HASH, and not by a recruiter or any other third party. We aim to reply to all recruiting correspondence within three business days.

HASH's offices are by Union Square in the heart of Manhattan. You'll be based here, working as part of the founding team. We have a strong preference for candidates who are NYC-based, or willing to relocate.

We're looking for brilliant practical developers with a proven track record of building stuff, a passionate belief in our mission, and a strong foundational background in computer science.

At the moment we're a small team, spun out of Soho Strategy, an evidence-based, data-driven business consultancy headquartered in London (England). We've moved out to New York, and our seed round has been led by the founder of Stack Overflow, Trello, and Glitch, Joel Spolsky. We're looking to hire deeply passionate folk excited to tackle complex problems on a daily basis. You'll be one of our first hires, and will receive a competitive base salary + equity, plus the chance to contribute to the growth of a genuinely exciting piece of technology still in its infancy.