Marketing Manager

Ayer, Ma
Full Time
About Us:
You’ve probably seen a solar farm alongside the interstate or other roadway. The developers of these farms have choices on who gets the energy generated. The options include selling it to the utility, a single large corporation, or local residents and businesses through a subscription model. The latter is how community solar works. People subscribe to a farm and receive solar credits on their utility bill. Subscribers then pay the owner of the community solar farm a discounted rate for the credits. The total of the two electric bills is less than a standard utility bill without the solar credits.
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Community solar allows business owners and residential customers to financially benefit from solar facilities developed and funded by others. Qualified applicants become exclusive members without making any upfront investment.

What we are looking for:
Right now SOE uses an outside graphic designer to create minimal marketing materials for us. Our COO also has a background in marketing and ends up having to take some of these responsibilities on himself. We’re looking for an experienced, driven, and creative Marketing Manager who can come into our growing company and bring some of their own talent and knowledge to this role. The right person would not only eliminate the need for us to outsource our marketing needs to our graphic designer in turn freeing her up to focus solely on her job. It would also take the responsibility of editing and writing away from our COO and put it into the hands of the correct person for the job. The ideal applicant will have experience in both managing the Social Media accounts of a business and also the ability to implement strategic direct mail campaigns for the different areas we sell in.

Your role: 
As the Marketing Manager you will work closely with our Business Development team to identify and build our marketing plan.  You will oversee strategy, testing, and logistics of social media and direct mail marketing, which are the two main channels for our growth.  

Direct Mail

    • Develop and implement testing schedules and methodology to improve lead results and optimize performance toward key KPIs.  
    • Work with graphic design and copy to develop concepts and new test formats to generate direct mail leads
    • Oversee our direct mail campaigns and operations, working with media design and operations to coordinate capacity and marketing messages.Manage print vendors, making decisions on price, data, format and testing
    • Analyze and report out on results, communicate campaign KPIs
    • Manage budget and be responsible for cost of acquisition for lead targets
    • Keep long-term strategic planning in mind with short term tactics 
    • Develop lean processes for campaign management, proofing, and reporting

Social Media

    • Manage company social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter YouTube, Facebook and other relevant platforms.
    • Develop appealing and engaging content to expand and strengthen brand awareness and online reputation.
    • Post content, using timelines and scheduled content to create a consistent stream of new content for audience engagement.
    • Respond to inbound online engagement, ensure the brand message is consistent across all platforms.
    • Drive consistent, relevant traffic and social network presence, while exploring new ways to engage and new social networks to reach our target buyers
    • Analyze results, altering schedules where necessary to optimize visits and achieve KPI’s
    • Participate in relevant social discussions about our company, competitors, and/or industry, with our customers, prospects, influence's, and other new audiences


    • Have prior success growing social media effectiveness and direct mail lead generation 
    • 5 + years of experience in marketing. Have experience using data and analytics to evaluate performance to improve decisions
    • High attention to detail and strong organizational and planning skills
    • Good verbal and written communicator
    • General computer skills, competent in Microsoft Office Suite, CRM systems ( is a plus
    • We’d especially love to hear from you if you:Have experience and skills in Adobe Creative Suite, demand generation marketing, inbound marketing, and blogging.  
    • Have experience with Google Analytics and other relevant Social Media technology

Compensation and Benfits

    • Competitive pay rates and benefits
    • Health, dental, and vision insurance
    • Flexible spending account
    • Paid time off and paid holidays
    • Many more perks!
    • $45,000 - $68,000 Per/Year
Please apply below! If you like the sound of this role, but are not totally sure whether you’re the right person, do apply anyway :)