STEM Learning Expert (Teacher) - Remote

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An expert at Sora is completely different than teachers at other schools. At Sora, our experts are free to provide value to our students in any way that excites them. You have the freedom to choose which workshops and lecture series you create based on your own interests and the interests of our students. Since we do not have a scope or sequence for our students, you will be answering topical questions to help them work through their projects. One second a student may be asking about rocketry, and the next someone needs help with an app to promote climate change. You are the one destination for all things related to your subject area, teaching students about your subject areas as well as new ways of thinking.

Note that this is fully remote position and may be located anywhere in the US. #LI-Remote

The role

    • Execute expeditions for students. Expeditions are opt-in events for our students where you are free to teach anything which interests you. This is your time to impart your passions to our students. However, since it’s not mandatory for our students, you may want to take into account their interests if you want many students to attend.
    • Meet with students one on one (including via daily office hours). Use this time to identify the right resources for students, provide tutoring, answer questions related to expeditions, and provide feedback on student progress.
    • Track student progress and goals. You will have our internal software and other tools to track metrics for each student and document feedback for students, parents, and Sora team members.
    • Communicate with the team and students. We use internal software, Discord, Canvas, Zoom, and other technology to enable clear and easy communication.

Who you are

    • Strong experience that you know how to learn and help others learn your subject area in a world-class way
    • Familiarity with mastery/competency-based learning
    • Previous experience teaching in your subject area
    • Desire to create projects through project-based learning that are engaging, educational, and exciting for students
    • Believes in and honors the big ideas of all students
    • Superior communication and management skills
    • Ability to lead a group of high school students towards learning goals
    • Familiarity with building intrinsic motivation and how to curate it
    • Passionate and creative
    • A divergent thinker
    • Embrace technology as a tool for learning

Subject areas

    • Honors level experience with Algebra I through Calculus
    • Honors level experience with 2 or more of Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Environmental Science
    • Experience with coding or robotics preferred

Bonus points

    • Experience with virtual learning
    • Passion for independent learning
    • Familiarity with a variety of tech tools and platforms

About working at Sora

    • Full-Time or Part-Time roles available
    • Full-Time roles include year-round salaried work with competitive benefits
    • All roles are fully remote
    • We are only accepting applications from individuals located within the United States
About Sora

Sora is a No-Compromises Approach to Building the Best School in the World.

The US education system is broken, and we’re building the team to fix that.  Our mission is simple:  build the replacement to the broken US education system.

Most schools continue to do the same things they’ve always done:  making students memorize content, test them, score them, and rank them.  What’s happening?  Students are losing their creativity, motivation and are utterly unprepared to succeed in the real world.

In our virtual program, our middle and high school students work on passion-based projects that they get to create and take wherever they wish.  They don’t attend lecture-based classes or read old textbooks—they’re building video games, writing fantasy novels, conducting scientific research, and more!  We connect them with industry mentors to expose them to new careers and fields of study.  Students learn not only the full breadth of academic subjects but also important soft skills and subjects such as financial literacy, philosophy, and more.  Our school is organized in small, tight-knit cohorts so every group of students and faculty can feel close and engaged in their community.

We’ve embarked on our journey to accelerate students toward their wildest dreams. We can’t wait for you to join us!