Senior Solutions Engineer

Madrid, Spain / Remote
Location: Madrid / Fully remote
Seniority: Senior/Expert
Compensation: 49,000€ to 53,000€ + 0.1% stock options

At source{d} we are building the data platform that enables engineering leaders & teams to use source code as data for getting insights on their people, processes and technology—as well as feeding sophisticated Machine Learning on code algorithms which power the next generation of developer tooling, such as assisted code review. We are an open-core company built around our Open Source projects. We have raised over 10million USD so far, and we are currently in an exciting stage of growth.

The Solutions Team leads the implementation of source{d} at customers, building solutions based on source{d}, developing custom features and integrating with other platforms.
The underlying stack is developed primarily in Go, with some Scala and Python. Custom features and integration code often relies on Python. Most use cases require extensive use of SQL.


    • As a Solutions Engineer, you will design and build solutions based on source{d}, the data platform for your software development lifecycle
    • You will be heavily involved in project management for customer projects.
    • You will be involved in the definition, planning, and delivery of solutions for our prospects and customers.
    • You will develop demos and solutions that can be reused across different customers
    • You will work closely with the rest of the engineering team, who will enable you to deliver demos and projects, both by means of internal support as well as the development of new features


    • You will code primarily in Python, SQL and Go. Previous experience with Python and SQL is preferred. Previous experience with Go is not a strict requirement; we strongly believe that it can be learned easily by any skilled developer. Experience with other languages is a plus.
    • Previous experience in consulting projects or professional services.
    • (Optional) Experience in analytics projects in industries such as banking, professional services, consultancy, etc.
Teams at source{d}
Engineering consists of five different teams that represent the architecture of our product:
Applications, Machine Learning, Data Processing, Language Analysis, Data Retrieval & Infrastructure.
We care about Open Source. Everything we develop is available for anyone to read, modify, and contribute (under Apache 2.0 or GPL3 license). Some examples of our projects are:
src-d/community edition: a library for running scalable data retrieval pipelines that process any number of Git repositories for source code analysis.
src-d/ml: a library to build and apply Machine Learning models on top of Universal Abstract Syntax Trees.
bblfsh/bblfshd: Babelfish server, turning code into Universal Abstract Syntax Trees (UASTs).
src-d/go-git: a highly extensible Git implementation in pure Go.

If you are interested in understanding how we do code reviews, please take a look at the PRs on any of these projects. You can also learn more about our methodology here.

• source{d} is a company for developers by developers. We firmly believe in always doing what's best for developers in the community. Our team consists of members who are passionate about programming. To understand our culture better, read more about it here.
• At the moment, we are 35+ people from 10+ different countries working remotely or closely together from our offices in Madrid, San Francisco and Seattle.
• We are more than happy to sponsor you a visa and guide you and your family through the whole process if you decide to come to work from our Madrid office.
• At source{d} all of the projects we work on are public on GitHub and the vast majority are open-source under licenses such as Apache 2.0 or GPL3.
• We don't just believe in open-source, we also believe in radical transparency as an organization, there we publish everything about the company at

Perks and Benefits
• We often go to conferences and other developer events!
• Open Source Days: you are encouraged to work on any OSS project you choose 10% of your time, every second Monday.
• Flexible hours, set your own schedule that fits you.
• Free books. We will buy any books that help you learn & grow.• Company-sponsored language classes.
• If you choose to work from one of our offices, you will enjoy a comfortable and spacious environment, with foods, drinks & hardware.
• Monthly get-togethers, annual summer and winter Christmas parties and a hackathon retreat are held in Madrid and all team members are flown over for it.
• We also have our own, Open Source craft beers.