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At Spacemaker we are developing software to find the smartest and most sustainable ways to unleash the potential of any building site―considering living quality, the environment, and project profitability. The construction industry is one of the least digitized industries in the world and as a result our product has been met with great enthusiasm from site developers and architects alike.

This is just the beginning. Going forward our ambition is to both expand geographically, and make our product better facilitate all phases of the site development process. We need the finest, most skilled, software engineers to fully unleash the unrealized potential of our product. Do you want to join us in revolutionizing the construction industry?

As Software Engineer at Spacemaker, you will be working in a complex domain. In a team you will be responsible for bringing and presenting the output from our AI to our end users. Using a wide range of technologies, including web-based 3D visualization tools, machine learning, and data processing frameworks, your work will enable our users to find the best possible solutions and gain valuable insights.

You will work in multidisciplinary and autonomous teams, where decisions are made using a bottom-up approach. We believe that the people best equipped to determine an approach for a specific problem are the same people working hands-on with that very challenge every day.

Having the ability to design your own workday is a value we also belive extend to where you work from. We currently have offices in Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Paris, Boston, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen and on a sailboat somewhere.

As a Software Engineer at Spacemaker, you will get the chance to:

    • Bring the construction industry into the 21st century
    • Take responsibility and ownership of your creations
    • Work in a team with some of the most talented software engineers, mathematicians, and data scientists available
    • Choose the technologies and tools you work with
    • Have the ability to design your own workday paired with a highly competitive salary and equity opportunities

Desired profile

    • Passion for clean, modifiable, and testable code
    • Team player with a strong ability to collaborate
    • Polyglot Programmer
    • Interest in having a broad impact on our product by keeping cross-team dependencies and relationships in mind while engineering solutions
    • Great understanding of breaking complex tasks into smaller pieces
    • Knowledge and experience of developing services and application on cloud solutions such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform or similar
    • An ability to identify a problem and then choose the right tools for the solution.
So, do you want to be a Spacemaker?

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