Director of Acquisition Marketing

Washington, DC

What is SparkFund?
SparkFund is a financial technology company located in Washington, DC that builds the software and tools enabling energy efficiency vendors to sell their products the way customers want to purchase them: “as a service”. We help these vendors manage the complexity of integrated financing, standardize the customer journey, and ensure seamless pricing, documentation, and transaction management on the back-end. SparkFund’s financial products and tools help our partners close more projects and our customers save more money.

SparkFund believes that building scalable, market-driven solutions is the best way to enact change and solve our society's greatest challenges. Our investors are a mix of leading venture capitalists, mission-driven institutional investors and national lenders who share our vision.

Job Description
SparkFund is hiring a Director of Acquisition Marketing to drive inbound and outbound marketing strategy related to sourcing business customers and channel partners for our energy efficiency solutions. Your key objective will be to create demand and meet lead generation goals in order to hit company volume targets. You’ll test and refine a scalable approach to acquisition, comprised of both paid and unpaid tactics. You should have a track record of growing lead generation and conversion through smart campaign creation and optimization, analytics review, intuition and pattern recognition, and customer/market research.

Here's what you'll get to do:

    • Work with SparkFund's CMO and Marketing and Sales teams to develop and implement customer and partner acquisition strategy.
    • Control and optimize the entire acquisition funnel.
    • Evaluate and prioritize efforts based on ROI and leverage.
    • Identify and iterate through both paid and unpaid marketing channels.
    • Work with product marketing manager to refine key customer profiles and make sure we’re targeting them effectively.
    • Work with product marketing and design to translate creative and messaging concepts into effective campaigns.
    • Develop best practices and out-of-the-box ways approach business owners, contractors and other stakeholders in the energy services space.
    • Work with a cross-functional growth team to run, test, and adjust campaigns to acquire end customers interested in implementing new energy technology. The growth team will create ongoing tests to evaluate best channels and mediums, drawing actionable insights about which activities are worth doubling down on.
    • Establish practices with sales and operations to understand how our various marketing activities impact project conversion rates.

Here's what you'll need to be successful:

    • Dedication to what we’re building at SparkFund, and making an impact through increasing access to energy efficiency across the economy.
    • 4-10 years managing marketing campaigns.
    • Track record of managing an integrated funnel marketing strategy including email, paid search, social media, retargeting, and Gmail ads, with a budget of at least $500,000.
    • Experience managing both paid and unpaid acquisition campaigns.
    • Mastery of analyzing and drawing insights from key marketing metrics including customer acquisition cost, cost per lead, cost per impression, and conversion rates.
    • Demonstrated success coming up with and optimizing creative targeting approaches.
    • Ability to make decisions based on a balanced combination of data and intuition.
    • Proven ability to recognize and communicate powerful stories to drive demand.
    • Expert copywriting skills and a talent for simplifying complex ideas.
    • Proficiency with Google Analytics.
    • Exceptional attention to detail and ability to manage and prioritize multiple projects at once.
    • Bachelor’s degree in a related field from a four-year college or university.

What will really get you noticed by the team:

    • Demonstrated thought leadership or voiced opinions on marketing strategy.
    • Knowledge or experience in the energy, real estate, or finance sectors.
    • Experience with Pardot or other inbound marketing software is a big plus.  
    • General tech savvy-ness; SparkFund relies heavily on software and cloud-based computing for smooth day-to-day operations. Comfort in Excel and familiarity with Microsoft Office, Gmail, Google Drive is required.

Above all else:

    • Intellectual humility: you are bright and eager to learn from a diverse team.
    • You exhibit a bias toward action and are eager to take on more and improve rapidly.
    • You are passionate about and committed to SparkFund company, cause, and goals.

Perks include:

    • Competitive salaries and stock option plans - we believe in radical shared ownership in our success together.
    • Health, vision and dental insurance.
    • A fully stocked kitchen, catered Friday lunches, and free meals when you’re cranking late at the office.
    • An open vacation policy to take the time you need.
    • Workspace customization. You can work at a sitting or standing desk and set up your space the way you want.
    • Work in a convenient location in the heart of Dupont Circle.

SparkFund values diversity in thought, background, gender, race, and culture. Come join us!