Senior Sales Enablement

Who are we?

We’re Spendesk, a FinTech SaaS Platform on a mission to help companies spend smarter. We’re based in Paris and Berlin but serve great teams all across Europe. We believe there’s a better way to manage team spend, and we’re building the platform to do just that. With Spendesk, employees can pay for what they need without creating more work for the finance team.

Spendesk was founded in June 2016 with eFounders, a startup studio in Paris. Drivy, Konbini, Dataiku, and Deezer were among our first customers, and now we’re proud to say we serve 1,400+ fast-growing companies.

We’ve raised three rounds of funding: €2 million, €8 million and €35 million in september 2019 which came from Index ventures.

As a team, we’re driven by our values and our focus on big growth. We’re an ambitious, international group with 15 nationalities represented today. At the heart, we believe people do their best work when they’re giving freedom to create and grow. Thinking big, bringing a positive attitude, and taking full ownership are three characteristics that thread our team together.

Our tribe is growing fast. Come join us on this journey.

Our team values

*Choose positivity
*We’re all owners
*Go for it boldly and without fear of failure.
*Be kind, humble & trustworthy.
*Proactively seek out ways to grow.
*Always run the extra mile

What will be your mission(s)?

Their mission is to responsible for empowering the sales teams (SDR/BDR/AE) so that they hit their quota:
- Equip sales reps with the resources, tools & education they need to succeed
- Develop sales reps so they sell effectively
- Provide deal support to help sales reps close deals

The Senior Sales Enablement role & Sales Enablement function is part of the Spendesk Operations department.

Scope of ownership

    • Responsible for aspects of foundational and continuous learning programs for sales, including but not limited to training content creation, scheduling and coordination, creation and deployment or delivery of on-demand courseware, and instructor-led sales training.
    • Responsible for tracking and analysis of courseware and sales enablement content usage.
    • Supports the buying and selling processes at all stages, from lead generation through win/loss.
    • Manages various sales enablement projects and coordinates sales enablement activities.
    • Work closely with the management and teams to continuously improve the sales efficiency and personal development by scaling up our sales enablement framework from onboarding, training, coaching, content, to tools and processes
    • Work on sales process optimizations, improvements, and deployments based on the buyer journey
    • Help onboard new sales hires by delivering content, training & workshops that speed up their ramp-up time.
    • Be a central point when it comes to streamline & ease teams feedback loop.
    • Collaborate with product, sales marketing and customer success teams to build the right sales collaterals and analyse their impacts.
    • Stay current on product knowledge, positioning and selling methodologies.
    • Be pro active by shadowing sales and anticipate ressources needs


    • Ensure global guidance and spread sales expertise, best practices & tips across countries, whilst giving autonomy to the teams to adapt and innovate.
    • Strengthen the Spendesk Academy
    • Build awareness and strengthen Spendesk positioning as a spend management expert

Skills & Competencies

    • Sales Knowledge (Vision)
    • Extensive knowledge of modern sales methodologies, sales process, and buyer’s journey alignment and sales enablement best practices
    • Expert ability to manage projects from concept to completion
    • Expertise in selling complex products, consultative selling to SMBs is preferred

    • Project Management (Planning)
    • Expert ability to plan and facilitate meetings and interact effectively with senior management
    • High adaptability and flexibility, including the ability to manage deadline pressure, ambiguity, and change.
    • Expert ability to collaborate and generate a spirit of cooperation while coordinating diverse activities and groups within a team environment.
    • Highly organized and efficient

    • Communication and Presentation (Execution)
    • Highly-developed training, presentation and written communication skills.
    • Expert ability to consult or provide guidance on complex matters to non-specialists
    • Strong strategic, conceptual, and analytical thinking, and decision-making skills.


    • Masters degree or higher required. Minor or advanced degree in business preferred, but more weight given to history of making an impact and driving business outcomes.
    • 5 years of direct experience in Sales, Sales Enablement and/or Sales Training required. Past experience selling B2B solutions and/or managing B2B sales teams preferred.
    • Knowledge of Business, Sales Processes & Methods
    • A team player, with excellent interpersonal skills, enthusiastic and positive personality, with a can-do attitude.