Senior Project Manager - Product Automation

Who are we?

We’re Spendesk, a FinTech SaaS Platform on a mission to help companies spend smarter. We’re based in Paris and Berlin but serve great teams all across Europe. We believe there’s a better way to manage team spend, and we’re building the platform to do just that. With Spendesk, employees can pay for what they need without creating more work for the finance team.

Spendesk was founded in June 2016 with eFounders, a startup studio in Paris. Drivy, Konbini, Dataiku, and Deezer were among our first customers, and now we’re proud to say we serve 1,400+ fast-growing companies.

We’ve raised three rounds of funding: €2 million, €8 million and €35 million in september 2019 which came from Index ventures.

As a team, we’re driven by our values and our focus on big growth. We’re an ambitious, international group with 15 nationalities represented today. At the heart, we believe people do their best work when they’re giving freedom to create and grow. Thinking big, bringing a positive attitude, and taking full ownership are three characteristics that thread our team together.

Our tribe is growing fast. Come join us on this journey.

Our team values

*Choose positivity
*We’re all owners
*Go for it boldly and without fear of failure.
*Be kind, humble & trustworthy.
*Proactively seek out ways to grow.
*Always run the extra mile


We're looking for an experienced profile to be responsible of the strategic project of building automation throughout Spendesk product as a way to build:
- a key differentiator to develop our product defensibility, especially with our more mature customers and prospects
- extra effectiveness in our product through optimization of processes (incl. reducing time of expense lifecycle)
- extra trackability in our product through improved accuracy and trust of data linked to expenses
- a sense of magicness for our users


The Senior project manager automation owns Spendesk's product automation roadmap, recruitment, delivery, maintenance and budget.

He/she is particularly in charge of building a strong stream working on automation features with a mix of:
- Data scientists
- Data engineers
- Engineers

The envisioned automation capabilities he/she will work on comprise:
- Collecting information from external sources (receipts, bank, other context where manual data entry is painful)
- Auto-tagging / categorisation of payments on multiple axes (nature, analytical, accounting)
- Checking/controlling payments and implementing alerting systems
- Unifying supplier database and maintaining suppliers informations

These capabilities must:
- be connected to multiple side of the product
- be leveraged in many different ways: data science R&D, process based (human gen), algorithms, product features etc...

Outcomes - 6 months

- High level 12-month roadmap, corresponding 6-month action & execution plans.
- Release at least an automation feature in the first 6 months.