Senior Front-End Engineer

Engineering – Engineering
The Role
Splice is looking for a Senior Frontend Engineer to build features on our platform, maintain and improve our web applications, and enhance the performance of our experience as we rapidly scale our product and organization.

We build the Splice platform using cutting-edge tools and strongly believe in giving back to Open Source communities, we mostly use Golang, Angular 2, MySQL and Elasticsearch. We are looking for engineers who can identify trade-offs before they’re built into systems, and have come to accept that great software design is full of them.

We’re a multicultural, distributed team that equally loves music as much as programming languages, and we respect our different tastes on both.

**This position is remote in the US

A typical work week for an engineer at Splice includes:
- Leading an RFC to propose the implementation of a new feature in our web products
- Implementing a feature from previously discussed RFC, including unit and integration tests to support our growing business
- Participating in respectful Code Reviews to ensure our knowledge is shared, our code works as intended and will be understandable in a few months
- Taking a turn in our weekly Engineering Support rotation to solve problems from our end users or our Marketing and Business teams
- Collaborating with Product Managers, Designers, CTO and CEO to support product decisions and review future implementations
- Participating in our occasional Frontend and Eng Staff meetings to help improve our processes and systems

Here are things that we consider critical to being a Frontend Engineer at Splice:
- You’ve been building web applications professionally for 5+ years and can point to things you’ve worked on.
- You appreciate the value of investing in optimizing your programming workflow, and like to teach others how to improve theirs
- You enjoy solving problems, but understand they may not all need code to be solved
- You are very comfortable using JavaScript outside of a framework
- You’ve fought with one or more MV* frameworks recently
- You have an appreciation for Angular and it’s philosophies
- You know how the web works. You know HTTP and what a good API looks like.
- You have come to appreciate the JavaScript tooling landscape, and figure out problems in the build pipeline by yourself
- You can architect component driven apps, including HTML and CSS
- You know your way around developer tools and have done JS profiling to improve performance
- Your opinion evolves when you are presented with new data
- You are able to organize and breakdown tasks for yourself and others if needed
- You understand QA and project management are shared responsibilities between engineers, testers and product managers

Bonus Points:
- Familiarity with TypeScript or similar typed, compile to JS languages
- Proficiency using Sketch or Adobe Photoshop
- Experience with deploying your own applications to production
- Experience in small start-up environments

Check out some "open source" music projects on our explore page
Splice is changing the way musicians create, collaborate and distribute their work by connecting their creation process. We are small but growing quickly, and we are hiring self-starters to make a massive impact on Splice and the producers that use our product. Splice is creating a brand new software paradigm (think dropbox meets github for music producers) and as such, we face difficult design decisions on a daily basis.
We're co-founded by Steve Martocci (GroupMe) and well known open source programmer Matt Aimonetti (Sony PlayStation) both of whom you will work with on a daily basis. Splice is funded by Union Square Ventures along with True Ventures, SV Angel, First Round Capital, Lerer Ventures, Box Group.
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