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Splice Machine, an AI predictive platform startup company, is looking for an Customer Experience Engineer AI/ML/NLP to develop, build and manage Splice Machine’s Intercom channel designed to engage, guide and support prospects, encouraging them to sign up for trials by offering tips, tools and support. Work from anywhere.
Splice Machine’s predictive platform solution helps companies turn their Big Data into actionable business decisions.  Our predictive platform eliminates the complexity of integrating multiple compute engines and databases necessary to power next-generation enterprise predictive AI and Machine Learning applications.
Some of our use-cases include:
·   At a leading credit card company, Splice Machine powers a customer service application that returns sub-20ms record lookups on 7 PB of data
·   At a Fortune 50 bank, Splice Machine is replacing a leading RDBMS and data warehouse with one platform in a customer profitability application
·   At an RFID tag company, Splice Machine is replacing a complex architecture for a retail IoT solution
·   At a leading financial service company, Splice Machine powers an enterprise data hub for 10,000 users
·   At a leading healthcare solution provider, Splice Machine powers a predictive application to learn models and use them to save lives in hospitals
Splice Machine’s CEO/ Co-Founder, Monte Zweben, is a serial entrepreneur in AI, selling his first company, Red Pepper, to Peoplesoft/ Oracle for $225M and taking his second company Blue Martini, through one of the largest IPOs in the early 2000s ($2.9B).  He started Splice Machine to disrupt the $30 billion traditional database market with the first open-source dual engine database and predictive platform to power Big Data, AI and Machine Learning applications.   
Splice Machine has recruited a team of legendary Big Data advisors including, Roger Bamford, “Father of Oracle RAC”, Michael Franklin, former Director of AMPLab at UC Berkeley, Ken Rudin, Head of Growth and Analytics for Google Search, Andy Pavlo, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University and Ray Lane, former COO of Oracle, to collaborate with the Splice Machine team as we blaze new trails in Big Data.
The Customer Experience Engineer AI/ML/NLP will report to the VP Sales and work closely with Marketing, Sales, Engineering, QA, Product Management, and other internal teams to enable the developer community to onboard and use Splice Machine’s ML Manager product

What You'll Work On

    • Develop, build and manage Splice Machine’s Intercom channel to engage, guide and support prospects, encouraging them to sign up for trials by offering tips, tools and support.  
    • Develop Intercom’s Resolution ML/NLP Feature. Sample of what you will be building is here.
    • Train Resolution Bot to recognize each question - add at least 10 example questions to each answer.
    • Broaden Resolution Bot’s coverage - create answers that cover many different topics.
    • Deepen Resolution Bot’s coverage - create multiple answers that cover a single topic.
    • Collaborate with Splice Machine Data Scientists to build “intent” models that predict the prospects’ intent as they navigate the cloud service, the website, as they read content assets, respond to Intercom and respond to email 
    • Serve as a technical evangelist for the Splice Machine product, proactively engaging prospects and leads to maximize value from the product. 
    • Once the prospect has signed up for a trial, check in with them, offering support to enhance their overall customer experience.
    • Engage inactive leads who have signed up for a trial but are not using the Splice Machine cluster.
    • Manage and distribute an information repository of white papers, articles, presentations, demos, and other assets to encourage trial participation and conversion to paid products.
    • Actively participate in the development of sales campaigns, always striving to systematically improve the lead qualification processes and follow up on any inbound interest to us (form fill outs, webinar attendees, contact me’s, evaluation requests etc).
    • Route and help with the smooth transition of qualified opportunities to the appropriate sales executives for further development and closure.
    • Utilize to track activity and manage sales opportunities.
    • Meet quarterly goals set by VP Sales.

Requirements of the Job

    • Learn and master Intercom.
    • Learn the Splice Machine product in detail to be able to confidently speak to data scientists, application engineers, data engineers and other personas and answer their questions.
    • Become familiar with
    • Build relationships with Splice Machine’s Account Executives, Sales Engineers, and Splice Industrials team

Our team at Splice Machine enjoys access to the best tools available, an open and collaborative distributed work environment and a supportive culture inspiring them to do their very best. We offer great salaries, generous equity, employee health coverage, flexible time off, and an environment that gives you the flexibility to seize moments of inspiration among other perks. Splice Machine is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer building a diverse, anti-racist, and inclusive workforce.