Entry Level Healthcare Administrative Assistant

Dallas, TX
Customer Care
If you’re looking for a great place to start your career, learning valuable skills while working in a fun environment with an amazing team, look no further!

Who We Are
Spreemo is well-established healthcare company with a mission to fix the problems within the industry by creating a marketplace that helps connect patients with the highest quality doctors. We are opening a new office in Dallas and looking for the best and brightest to help spread Spreemo’s mission and culture in Texas.

What You’ll Do
As a Healthcare Administrative Associate, you’ll be a key member of the Spreemo customer service team, providing our patients comprehensive assistance to ensure that they receive the best possible care. You’ll be working on the front lines to improve patient care, and your responsibilities will range from scheduling appointments to coordinating with patients and doctor’s offices to prescription processing. Through this job, you will develop invaluable skills that will serve you well throughout your career while learning about the ins and outs of healthcare and what makes one doctor better than the other.

What Spreemo offers:

    • Amazing growth opportunity – as our company grows, so will you! Today you may start in our customer service organization, but tomorrow you may manage the entire team.
    • Great benefits – we’re a healthcare organization, so we make sure you stay healthy – expect excellent health and dental coverage, ample time to recharge and unique learning and social events.
    • Endless snack bar – you will never go hungry at Spreemo. Expect an amazing variety of snacks, drinks and caffeinated products to keep you nourished and alert.
    • Phenomenal team – the best companies are made up of the best people. You will have the opportunity to surround yourself with smart, mission-driven team members all working towards a common goal.


    • College degree (BA, BS)
    • Laser-like attention to detail (find a grammatical error or typo in this ad for extra points!)
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Desire to make a difference in the world
About Spreemo
Spreemo’s mission is to help patients get better. We’re doing this by tackling the complex challenge of figuring out how to identify the very best doctors to improve the health of patients.