Developer Advocate (Remote)

San Francisco /
Marketing /
Full Time
What is Stackbit?
Stackbit is an open developer platform that easily adds visual editing and management to any modern React site. We're a DXP engine that allows developers to code exactly the way they want, easily manage data sources and provide marketers and other business users an intuitive and powerful interface to create, edit and accomplish their goals.

Stackbit's first developer advocate!
We need you to help define and execute our entire developer advocacy strategy and work closely with the entire team to make sure the amazing things the team is building are shared with the developer community and fully understood by them. You'll be one of Stackbit's primary voices and make sure to also represent the community's voices and opinions to shape and improve our product.

What it's like to work with us?
We are a lean team of explorers, builders, scientists, and just plain curious folks who live and breathe websites. We’re tackling the massive challenge of bringing visual editing capabilities to modern tech stacks — to optimize the website-building process for all roles on a web project.
At Stackbit, you will have the prerogative to make things happen, along with the empowerment to determine what these things are. You will be part of a flat, fully-distributed organization, with an uncanny entrepreneurial spirit and relentless motivation to move the needle where it counts. We help each other, uplift each other, and rely on each other's feedback and expertise to inform our choices and help us all build better websites.

As a Developer Advocate, what will you be doing at Stackbit?

    • Establish a developer advocacy strategy with your industry experience, relationships, and knowledge of developer best practices, trends, and concepts.
    • Be Stackbit's primary voice in our developer community, external ones, webinars, social media, etc.
    • Work closely with marketing and DX engineers to plan and create content for the marketing and documentation sites, along with other Stackbit properties.
    • Provide meaningful feedback to our Product and Engineering teams to help improve our offering and creatively address user-specific requests.
    • Manage and engage with our Discord community by responding to questions, showcasing new work, and promoting other Stackbit initiatives.
    • Establish a system for evangelizing Stackbit's developer benefits and features, product updates and other marketing initiatives on a regular basis.
    • Assist in building and maintaining a community around our open source product, Contentlayer.

Minimum requirements for the role

    • Profound understanding of, and proven active participation in developer communities and channels, including Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, Github, Stack Overflow, HackerNews, etc.
    • Deep knowledge of and experience with the Node.js ecosystem, front-end frameworks (Next.js), and headless CMS (API and Git), along with other patterns within modern web projects
    • Exeptional charisma in both verbal and written communication skills, including grammatical correctness and storytelling
    • Startup experience - fully autonomous, working without a handbook and defining your own role as you go along, quickly adapting to changes and excited by moving fast and driving impact

What will make us a good fit together?

    • We are all active contributors. Even though we often work asynchronously, we are highly collaborative. You enjoy sharing new ideas and learning new technologies and being in the thick of it.
    • At Stackbit, we believe it is never "somebody else's problem" and we greatly appreciate team players who jump at the chance to make things happen.
    • We're explorers, builders, scientists, and just plain curious. You have a natural curiosity and ability to take a deep dive to find the root cause of an issue and work with the team to resolve it, to the delight of our users.
    • We are empathetic, direct, and strive to be excellent listeners. We learn from each other and strongly believe in constructive delivery that helps everyone become a better version of themselves. You enjoy giving feedback and welcome receiving it. You take pride in owning your successes and failures and use them to improve your work and the work of those around you, to build a better product and team.
    • We value work/life balance. You are able to sort priorities, understand the big-picture vision, and manage your time well.
    • You work to understand our users, set and prioritize objectives, find the correct way to measure how we're doing against those objectives and ruthlessly execute, while monitoring actual impact vs. projected impact to constantly improve.
    • We come from a variety of countries, time zones, and cultures and all are welcome and valued. You are comfortable working with a fully distributed, global team, with different availabilities and engage in discussions about the product in a meaningful way.
The Stackbit hiring process generally consists of ~3 interviews over the course of 1-2 weeks:
We take a straightforward and mindful approach to interviewing. During the process, you'll meet with our developer experience engineer, another member from product / engineering, and a founder. Interviews are 30-60 minutes and usually 1:1.