Developer Operations Engineer

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Stardust /
Full Time
Stardust is building the metaverse - an interconnected world of games enabled by blockchain and NFTs. 

Why work at Stardust?

At Stardust you won't be building just another SaaS product for game developers, you’ll be building the future. The Metaverse (think Ready Player One) is connecting games, finance, and social, while being the foundational layer for new economies, the future of work, fashion, and more. We’re looking for individuals who think big, want to change the future, and who can believe in the big ideas before they are mainstream. Challenging the status quo is what we do and we’re looking for someone to help turn crazy ideas into reality.

We've just raised our Series A and are growing quickly, join our team and build the future, not just witness it.

Everyone at Stardust has ownership over what they do, and we are looking for individuals who can manage a team of blockchain engineers effectively to adhere to timelines and spec out new features across many different blockchains that are all architected in very different ways.

Learning is a key part of this role. We work with almost every blockchain and in many different programming languages, some mainstream and some custom to the blockchain we are working on.


    • Build and maintain our CI/CD pipeline
    • Build and maintain our infrastructure as code pipeline
    • Build and maintain our observability and alerting framework
    • SecDevOps: implement security as code in our pipelines

Preferred Qualifications

    • Performance mindset (knows what "performance is a feature" means)
    • Experience with serverless architecture on AWS
    • DBA experience on PG
    • Redis experience
    • Experience working at scale