Testing Engineer (San Francisco)

San Francisco

Job Description

    • Gain a deep technical knowledge of the Starsky Robotics system (with help from the SF dev team)
    • Run daily tests in San Francisco, debugging the system as needed, and reporting on failures
    • Work closely with development team to solve engineering issues, write new features, and apply hardware fixes
    • Optimize the testing process in any way possible
    • Write automated frameworks for testing the autonomous system, and help create tools to measure system accuracy between iterations of the software

Skills & Experience

    • Required:
    • Hands on experience working with robotics and robotics hardware
    • Proficiency with Ubuntu, microcontrollers, C++, python
    • Able to debug and troubleshoot complex electrical systems
    • Able to work on laptop in a truck without motion sickness

    • Preferred:
    • ROS experience or a similar robotics framework