Behavior Planning Engineer

San Francisco
The Behavior Planning team at Starsky Robotics is responsible for the high level decision-making of the truck: when to change lanes, when to take an exit, whether to pull over to the side of the road in case of a system failure. We build the algorithms which take in environmental and truck constraints, predict the state of the environment around us, and choose the optimal behavior for that moment in time.

We work closely with other teams in Starsky to build out the autonomous truck’s behaviors and decision-making abilities. This includes working with teams across the driving stack to scope behavior planning requirements and develop solutions to system issues.

We’re looking for a skilled developer, with strong abstract problem solving skills, who is eager to work on building our truck’s decision-making capability. You should be able to write good code, work in a highly collaborative, cross-functional environment, and be willing to learn about the fields of autonomous vehicle decision making and path planning.


    • Skilled programmer (C++ or Python preferred), with a willingness to improve your C++ ability
    • Data analysis skills - you should be able to dig into the inputs you’re receiving, and use them to inform your algorithm design
    • Strong mathematical basis and abstract problem solving skills
    • Good communication skills, eager to work in a highly collaborative team

Nice to have or willing to learn:

    • Knowledge of robotics concepts and tools (ROS)
    • Understanding of and ability to implement machine learning methods, particularly for applications in autonomous vehicle decision making and prediction
    • Experience in production C++ development