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StartupTAP is a recruiting consultancy empowering technological innovation by pairing the best ideas with the brightest minds. We are not a traditional staffing agency; we’re research-based, relationship-driven, and we pride ourselves on putting the strategic ahead of the expedient. Our clients span everything from early-stage startups incubating new ideas to globally established, multibillion-dollar enterprises. We work closely with investors, entrepreneurs and business leaders to provide end-to-end talent management solutions for our partners. In doing so, we enable them to hire, retain, and develop people who they feel confident building their businesses around.

Join us in connecting talent with opportunity.
We’re looking for people who are incredibly ambitious, self-motivated and results-oriented to join our team and help our portfolio of clients build the next frontier of innovation. We want critical thinkers and problem solvers who crave ownership over the work (as well as the autonomy that comes with it) and are comfortable being held accountable. Our team members aspire to more than the status quo; they challenge themselves to think outside the box and strive for excellence.

We value drive, determination, ethics, and a desire to improve and evolve. You don’t need to get everything right the first time; you DO need to be self-aware, willing to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, and capable of taking the things you learn and applying them without losing momentum. We want to win, and we want our clients and candidates to win too. We believe that doing right by others yields even better results.

This is NOT a 9 to 5 - our environment is entrepreneurial and fast-paced. While we try not to take ourselves too seriously, we maintain a level of professionalism in our work and we trust our teammates to do the same.


    • THE BIG PICTURE: You will become a best-in-class talent acquisition specialist and management consultant to our clients. In doing so, you will evolve into an indispensable partner to high-growth companies and executives at the top of their fields. You’ll also become an expert at building businesses from the ground up, as well as a subject matter expert in how to develop the people that drive them.
    • Learn the ins-and-outs of recruitment and be able to effectively grow and scale businesses (and the people in them!) using a strategic, solution-oriented approach.
    • Develop and refine your ability to communicate effectively at the executive level in order to solve challenging problems, build meaningful relationships and drive results.
    • Research, absorb and thoroughly understand the specific skills, qualifications and experience you are recruiting for. Become an expert in the competitive landscape of companies you are working with.
    • Provide consistent, effective, concise and COMPELLING communication with candidates, hiring managers, senior executives and business leaders; by email, phone and in person.
    • Perform comprehensive research and identify the best and most relevant talent for your searches.
    • Document this data in a presentable way using Excel/Google Sheets and our internal ATS (this data is critical to the success of the search!). Eventually, learn how to synthesize and share this data with clients so they can make informed decisions during every step of the process.
    • Leverage networking platforms and social media tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others to drive results. Get creative.
    • RECRUIT! – Target, contact, engage (have conversations) and develop relationships that convert talent into candidates.
    • Review and evaluate all incoming applicants on assigned positions and take action (connect/interview/disqualify).
    • Provide exceptional communication and logistical/administrative support to all parties involved in search.
    • Develop strong relationships at all levels of an organization (both internal and external). 
    • Hold yourself accountable, both to yourself and others. Do what you say you’ll do to drive the results you want to drive.
    • Network professionally and personally (you’re a natural at this!) – attend relevant industry events (post-COVID) and represent the firm when appropriate.
    • Eventually, own the entire recruitment process end-to-end, including delivering and negotiating offers on behalf of candidates and clients.
    • Continue to build and maintain a portfolio of partners that think of you as their ‘go-to’ provider in recruitment and beyond.
    • Everything else (we didn’t think of) that gets the job done. 

THE RIGHT PERSON - experience, qualifications, persona

    • EDUCATION: BA/BS degree preferred (will consider those without but must have a demonstrated track record of success). Open to all majors. 
    • EXPERIENCE: Ideally, 1+ year(s) of work experience in a customer-facing, consulting or sales/service-related role.  We will consider individuals with less experience; it’s the right personality and drive that matters.
    • Most importantly: If given the platform, you’re the type of person who will seize the opportunity and do what it takes to get things done.
    • You are a phenomenal communicator – verbal, written, presentation, interpersonal (yes, all of it).  You can carry a conversation and tell a great story.
    • Amazing computer skills (we don't mean basic Microsoft Office; you must be tech and web savvy).  Technology is an integral part of your day-to-day life.
    • You are dependable and accountable. Our relationships are priceless to us; we need to know that we can trust you with them.
    • You want to know “why” just as much as “what”. Gathering information (using Google and beyond) when you don’t know something is second nature to you.
    • You’re incredibly organized and able to effectively juggle multiple competing priorities (ability to juggle actual tangible objects not required, although it does make for a good happy hour discussion). 
    • Self-motivated and able to work and deliver results with minimal to no supervision.  We don’t and can’t micromanage; we all have our own work to deliver on.
    • No ego. You can take constructive criticism and be a sponge when it comes to learning and adapting.
    • MUST be detaled oriented and through. Did you catch those? 
    • Comfortable with negotiating? That’s a plus. Can you sell ice to an Eskimo? Even better. You become friends with the Eskimo after? Perfect.
    • You are resourceful. You work hard, but you also work smart – and you continue finding ways to improve inefficiencies. 
    • You prefer to be on top of things, hate letting the ball drop and naturally take initiative. It’s who you are.
    • You like to be plugged in and connected.  You may even have a hard time unplugging.
    • Interest, curiosity, severe or mild obsession with IoT, technology, media and consumer behavior all lend itself well to this space.
    • Be of the highest level of integrity, character and ethics.
    • This isn’t a bureaucratic environment. We want to deliver results. So do you. That’s what matters.
Why join our team?
We believe people are the most important asset at any company, including ours. While we set the bar high at StartupTAP, our team members set their own bar even higher. We are fueled by ambition AND humility; the desire to learn, and the desire to build a best-in-class firm. 

We don’t care where you came from – we judge you on who you are and what you do. You’ll be responsible for building the next generation of growth companies in partnership with movers and shakers at the cutting edge of their respective fields. If you have the appetite and the tenacity for it, you’ll learn more in a few months than most will in a few years. If they want it badly enough, every single person has the opportunity to make a significant and immediate impact.

Yes, including you.
OFFICE: We’re currently headquartered in Downtown Long Beach, but have team members distributed throughout the country. We’ll likely be pivoting to a WeWork model, with regular team get-togethers throughout the year. If you prefer an office environment, we’re happy to support that.
GEAR: We provide you with the tools to get the job done (a.k.a. your new BFFs). Whether you’re MAC or PC, we have equipment for you, including a 22” monitor at the office (available for pickup from HQ during Covid-19) so you have more screen real estate. BYOD for phones, but we’ve got your cell plan covered.
FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES: We all have too much to do and not enough time, which is why we’re hiring! We don’t have “set hours”; you make your own, but don’t be a stranger, this is a team thing after all. The only thing that is mandatory is our weekly all-hands meeting. Our team deeply values camaraderie, and we encourage everyone to come together (post-COVID) to collaborate. When you first start, that’s where you will learn the most. 
UNLIMITED TIME OFF: Embrace it, you deserve it. Take vacation and days off when you need to or when you just want a day off.  We trust our team members to hold themselves accountable to their book of business.
OTHER PERKS: Post-COVID-19 restrictions being lifted - we often have company lunches/dinners/happy hours (both planned and spontaneous)/random debates about everything and nothing… in addition to quarterly celebrations as a group. It’s a fun, fast-paced environment filled with like-minded people. We even have some medical and dental benefits to throw in.

Visit for more. We look forward to hearing from you.