Email Marketing Manager

Culver City, CA

POSITION:Email Marketing Manager
REPORTS TO:Retention Marketing Lead
LOCATION: Culver City, CA
CONTACT:Jesse Sacks, Recruiting Partner, e., c. 310.924.9049
Ritual is a new kind of health brand led by the belief that you should know exactly what’s in your vitamin and how it works. We use only the best nutrient forms and publish our sources and research for all to see -- because transparency is kind of our thing. Our mission is simple: to inspire women to feel their best, every day, through healthy, daily habits.
Our team is made up of curious skeptics, world-class scientists, artists, e-Commerce whizzes, and straight hustlers. We’re small, well funded, and on a mission to reinvent an entire industry. If you’re a team player who thinks outside of the traditional marketing box, and who refuses to settle for pseudoscience, we want you.
·      As an expecting mother our Founder, Kat Schendier, was frustrated with the archaic and convoluted vitamin industry so she decided to take it upon herself to create her own.
·      The goal behind Ritual was to develop a clean, honest, and traceable vitamin specifically made for women.
·      The idea has taken off, with Ritual raising over $15M from prominent investors and making waves in startup competitions.
Ritual is looking for a smart email marketer who will develop, manage, execute and optimize campaigns that will grow Ritual’s relationship with customers. As an integral member of a performance-driven team, your role is to streamline the customer onboarding experience, implement win-back and loyalty campaigns, and automate ongoing marketing efforts to develop long-term relationships with customers. Included within this will be a focus on customer segmentation, designing behavioral triggers, market research, analyzing and reporting on delivery and providing post-campaign analysis. 


    • Lead the ideation, prioritization and testing process of new ideas, focusing on breaking new ground and uncovering customer engagement opportunities that the company is not leveraging today.
    • Develop a data-driven process to rank ideas against key business metrics/plans. Present findings and results to management and other stakeholders.
    • Oversee monthly email calendar and strategy, proactively making real-time optimizations when applicable.
    • Stay ahead of the curve on email and retention best practices.
    • Dig into any other area of our marketing efforts where you can make an impact.
    • Develop email marketing strategies for customer lifecycle, onboarding, growth and retention programs.
    • Stay ahead of the curve on email and retention best practices. Make recommendations as to how Ritual can incorporate these into our customer lifecycle communications, specifically for mobile responsiveness, deeplinks, personalization, etc.
    • Maintain a clear, cohesive and engaging story throughout the customer lifecycle, while making sure to preserve the integrity of Ritual’s brand.
    • Help research and build a business case for additional customer communication touch points i.e. SMS, Facebook Messenger, etc.
    • Foster a disciplined A/B testing approach and effective campaign measurement methodology, including design and management of control groups.
    • Analyze response and behavioral data, and develop regular reporting for analysis.
    • Work with customer insights and acquisition marketing teams to develop a better understanding of the Ritual customer, and develop segmentation strategies and content accordingly.
    • Have the highest standards for building Ritual brand equity, brand awareness, and driving LTV.
    • Monitor customer satisfaction and analyze churn/customer drop off.


    • EDUCATION: BS/BA, preferably in marketing, business or analytical field.
    • EXPERIENCE: 3-5 years of digital marketing experience. Demonstrated success delivering multi-channel campaigns with a deep understanding of customer retention, email marketing execution and content-driven best practices.  
    • This role requires a broad skill set and the right candidate will be a confident, inspirational manager while also being strategic, creative, and analytical.
    • Deep understanding of customer segmentation and ability to implement triggers based on customer data.
    • A thorough understanding of direct-to-consumer marketing practices and methodologies.
    • Someone who gets things done. You’re comfortable acting as a one (wo)man show and/or a project leader in a fast-paced, sometimes unstructured environment.
    • Innovative. This is not your average CRM gig. We don’t want tried-and-true. Let’s explore new territory and reimagine what customer retention means.
    • A versatile player. You add value at ground zero and 30,000 feet. You are as comfortable executing an A/B test as you are setting a strategic vision.
    • Humble. You believe that what worked yesterday may not work today, and have a never-ending curiosity that drives you to learn and innovate.
    • Communicator. You write well, understand the power of storytelling, and can parse through the numbers to uncover the story within.
    • Analytical. You have strong quantitative skills and a natural inclination to base decisions on data.
    • Gutsy. You understand that not all decisions can be made solely with numbers, and can blend art with science to guide key decisions. 
Ritual has grown from a concerned mother evaluating vitamins to a cultural revolution in the health industry. We are dedicated to creating a brand that speaks to a healthy, clean, and no B.S. lifestyle. We’re not about pseudoscience, half-truths or health fads. We are simple, effective and backed by real science. Welcome to your new daily Ritual.