Senior Front End Engineer

Santa Monica, CA
POSITION: Senior Frontend Engineer
LOCATION:, Santa Monica, CA

We are a 100+ person team funded by top-tier firms, based in Santa Monica, CA with satellite offices in San Francisco. We are a low-key but tight-knit group of hard-working people working to fix America's broken healthcare system. Americans spend over $400 billion per year on prescriptions and too many people simply can't afford the medications they desperately need. Join GoodRx and help us solve meaningful problems that help us make people’s lives better every day.
THE OPPORTUNITY: Senior Frontend Engineer
You work where design meets code. You know HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript like the back of your hand. You are passionate about experimentation, innovation, and playing around with the latest front-end technologies. You write clean, compatible, powerful user interfaces with speed and you have a passion about understanding your audience and dreaming up ways to build great technological futures for them.
As our front-end engineer, you’ll work closely with the rest of our design, engineering, product, and data team to turn ideas into tangible user experiences. You'll combine your keen design sense, stellar front-end chops, and the right technologies, to realize these ideas and validate them with users. Your wizardry will translate design concepts into living, breathing prototypes and finished products—all to help people make sense of health decisions.
We are a JavaScript shop that works in React.js.
More specifically…
·       Collaborate with Product Designers, Product Managers, and Engineers to deliver compelling user-facing products
·       Architect efficient and reusable front-end systems that drive complex web applications
·       Write clean, fast, compatible, easy-to-use, automated-testable React JSX to realize our ideas
·       Build our UI framework to help us create rich applications to interact with our data—code, widgets, and all—and help us identify and document its emergent rules
Good to Have: 
·       Python knowledge, experience with Python or R for data analysis
·       Familiarity building clickable prototypes with Keynote, Balsamiq, Adobe Fireworks, or a similar tool
·       Knowledge of how to build and use databases like MongoDB and MySQL and the ability to set up continuous integration, automated testing, and deployment with tools like Travis, Circle, Heroku, AppEngine, or similar
·       Experience building isomorphic apps
·       EDUCATION:Bachelor’s degree in CS, HCI or related field
·       EXPERIENCE: Minimum 3 years developing and shipping clean, efficient, and compatible web apps, and executing with all the hard skills listed
·       Hard skills: Code fluent, and we mean fluent, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. You know jQuery but know why it’s insufficient. Experience with and full knowledge of how to use React and Node to build a full web app—back and front. Encyclopedic knowledge of browser and device compatibility
·       Portfolio: A portfolio of real projects—better yet if one or two are open source you can walk us through your work on GitHub
·       Soft skills: Demonstrated (in your portfolio) eye for design and solving real-world user problems. You are passionate, kind, and have a good sense of humor. You are a talker and a white boarder, and unafraid to step into a leadership role
Every day, GoodRx brings millions of Americans the lowest possible prices for prescription drugs. Our proprietary market-intelligence technology gathers current prices at more than 75,000 pharmacies to bring customers savings of up to 80% on their prescriptions. Since 2011, Americans have saved more than $3 billion using GoodRx. We are the #1 medical app on the iOS and Android app stores, and our products can help all Americans, insured or not.
We also offer:
·       A competitive compensation plan
·       A beautiful office located overlooking the ocean in Santa Monica
·       A casual, fun, relaxed, and entertaining work environment
·       Professional development opportunities
·       Great Health, Dental, Vision, and Life insurance
·       401K
·       Flexible schedule