DevOps Engineer

Marina Del Rey
POSITION: DevOps Engineer
LOCATION: Marina Del Rey, CA
CONTACT: George Thanopoulos, Associate,
Aspiration has set out to be the world’s leading socially responsible financial firm. They offer unique financial products to let people save, spend, and invest their money in ways that align with their personal values. Unlike other financial institutions, Aspiration is committed to building a relationship with our customers based on trust and aligning the customer’s success with our own. They have started a movement to help Americans “break up” with banks that charge unfair fees and support fossil fuel projects, private prisons, and firearms, and switch to an alternative that is radically focused on their financial success. Aspiration has raised $68M in funding to date and is growing quickly.

In The Press…
·      Top Online Banks of 2018
·      Aspiration Aims For Socially & Environmentally Responsible Banking
·      Aspiration Raises $47M To Grow “Ethical” Online Bank
·      Aspiration CEO: Big Banks ‘Bad Decision’ Is My Gain


We are running 100% AWS-based infrastructure with the latest and greatest tech at our disposal. This includes but is not limited to, server-less compute with Lambda and Cloud Formation, Docker containers and Kubernetes, micro services written in Go, Python or Ruby and much more!    

OPPORTUNITY: DevOps Engineer
We are looking for someone to join a team responsible for the following key areas:

- Infrastructure maintenance, monitoring and support
- CI/CD pipeline maintenance, support and development
- Work with InfoSec to remedy any security or compliance related issues
- Evaluation and adoption of relevant new technologies and services 



    • 5+ years of experience with Linux/Unix systems administration
    • 3+ years of experience running production infrastructure in AWS
    • Experience with container orchestration (Kubernetes, Rancher, Docker Swarm)
    • Good programming skills preferable Ruby, Go, Python
    • Solid knowledge and experience with CF/IaC tools such as Chef or Ansible or Terraform
    • Excellent troubleshooting skills
    • Good understanding of networking fundamentals (TCP/IP, VLANs, etc)
    • Experience with APM, monitoring and log analytics tools (Datadog, New Relic, Sumologic, etc)
    • Ability to participate in on call rotation (Pagerduty)

You'll Probably Be Happy Here If:

    • You love working collaboratively and thrive in fast paced environments.
    • You want to work for a mission-driven company with the goal of transforming the lives of millions by building a better financial firm.
    • Working in sunny West Los Angeles sounds like a dream come true.

Aspiration Employment Perks/Benefits:

    • Comprehensive medical, vision, and dental benefits
    • 401k
    • Flexible working hours and vacation time
    • Opportunity for company equity