Full Stack Engineer

POSITION: Full Stack Software Engineer
LOCATION: Pasadena, CA
CONTACT: Jesse Sacks, Recruiting Partner, e. jesse@brainjoltmedia.com,  c. 310.924.9049
THE COMPANY: BRAINJOLT (www.brainjoltmedia.com)
Brainjolt is a leading digital media company with two sites in Quantcast’s top 100 mobile sites in the U.S. We are a team of constant learners who value scrappy cleverness as much as best practices.
And it’s working. Despite a lean team, we reach 300 million users a month across our properties and social media channels with engaging, smile-inducing viral stories, quizzes, and more.
·      Our flagship viral site, 22 Words, is ranked in the top 20 mobile sites in the country with +18M unique visitors a month.
·      MagiQuiz is ranked in the top 100 mobiles sites, boasting 4-minutes on site per visitor and whopping 12% average sharing rate.
·      Happiness Heroes grew to 1 million fans in 2 months and is still growing fast.
BrainJolt is a culture of constant and continuous learners, who strive to better themselves every day. 


Brainjolt is looking for a driven software engineer to help develop the next iteration of our media platform. Our ideal candidate will have experience in building and overseeing highly trafficked web properties. This position will undertake the challenges of planning, building, optimizing, and managing the functionality of all four of Brainjolt’s properties.
He/she will be an experienced engineer with a knack for tinkering, problem-solving, and — above all — testing. They will be a unique combination of a good communicator and a data junkie who is eager to put their skills to work innovating and executing remarkable strategies across Brainjolt’s sites. Delivering content to more than 24.5 million readers a month; you will be responsible in making sure this reaches them in the fastest, most efficient, and most visually appealing way possible.


    • Take responsibility for site maintenance across all of Brainjolt’s properties.
    • Develop a scalable environment for efficient and effective creation and implementation of new updates and features.
    • Take the lead in developing all new sites launched through Brainjolt (whether managing freelancers or coding it yourself).
    • Work with every department in the company to brainstorm new and exciting web-based strategies that will help them accomplish their goals.
    • Design, build, test, and implement these across Brainjolt sites.
    • Oversee QA across all sites on all devices and browsers, especially upon any feature or site launch.
    • Continuously ideate, build, run, report on, and implement the results of multiple A/B tests.

    • EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent experience.
    • EXPERIENCE: 3-5 years experience building high performance web applications.
    • You are an expert in:
    • PHP
    • JavaScript
    • HTML
    • CSS – must be aware of and experienced with cross browser compatibility issues
    • WordPress – Basic architecture and development for plugins, themes, actions and filters
    • You must also have functional knowledge of:
    • Git – Must be familiar with branching, merging and rebasing in addition to basic commit/push/pull
    • MySQL – Able to search a database when needed
    • Linux shell/SSH
    • Ability to use the twitter bootstrap grid system is also a plus!
    • You have a deep functional knowledge of Google Analytics and other tools for data analysis.
    • You’re a proven expert in creating, measuring, reporting on, and implementing A/B tests.
    • You are optimistic and collaborative. When a coworker proposes a new functionality that you’d have to build, you find the value in it, no matter how improbable it may seem at first.
    • Whatever you don’t know, you can learn. You’ve replaced “I don’t know” in your personal lexicon with “I’ll find out.”
    • You are extraordinarily driven and have mastered time management.
    • You are an excellent communicator. You easily and eagerly keep all relevant parties in the know about your projects.
    • You are able to set personal preference aside for the sake of experimentation.
    • You are a team player. The idea of having a role in the company where numerous people are coming to you with projects they need you for is invigorating to you.
    • Proven ability to communicate effectively with employees, peers, contractors, clients, and leadership.
    • You have a natural interest in current events in technology, publishing, web standards, etc.
    • Strong working knowledge of…
    • Excel and other Office products
    • Google Drive
    • Asana and other task management systems
    • Inbox Zero
    • History of sideways thinking.
    • Entrepreneurial spirit.
    • No drama.
Brainjolt is a fun, fast-paced and entrepreneurial environment that empowers their employees to work independently and drive results that greatly impact the business. Since early on, one of our go-to values has been Fight boredom, spread happiness. We strive to do this not just for our audience, but for our team, too. In addition to offering basic benefits, here are some additional ways we’ll support your continued success and happiness.  
·      Unlimited PTO
·      Home internet & mobile phone assistance
·      Gym membership assistance
·      2 tickets to a concert of your choice per year
·      Spotify, Netflix, and Audible subscriptions.
·      Monthly Personal and business-related book budgets
·      Coffee and beer
·      And more…