Technical Recruiter

Los Angeles
StartupTAP is continuing to grow and we are looking for an experienced Technical Recruiter to join us to deliver the best technical recruitment solution to emerging growth companies.  This person will take our growing technical recruiting practice and drive, build and expand its presence, reach and bandwidth. 
The right candidate is a results-oriented professional with a proven track record of being able to recruit top tech talent while building meaningful relationships both with talent and clients.
We want professionals who take pride and ownership in whatever it is they do.  
We want problem solvers, thinkers and those who are accountable and want to win. 
Our team members want more than the status quo; they are all driven to succeed and approaches challenges with a “do-what-it-takes” attitude. 
Just ‘good enough’ is notgood enough.
Our environment is entrepreneurial and fast-paced.  We work together as a team.  We are competitive, yet collaborative.
We value ambition, drive, determination and ethics.
What you’ll be doing – from the day-to-day responsibilities to the big picture.
·          THE BIG PICTURE: Be a true recruiting partner to high-growth businesses and business leaders.
·          Manage the full-cycle recruitment for multiple positions across engineering/technology, product, design, UI/UX, and DevOps.
·          Effectively communicate with both candidates and clients (at the executive level) to drive results.
·          Provide consistent, effective and concise communication to both candidates and clients. You are a big believer in world-class service.
·          Perform comprehensive research and identify the best and most relevant talent for searches.
·          Leverage social media tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others to drive results. Get creative.
·          RECRUIT! – Target, contact, engage (have conversations) and develop relationships that convert tech talent into candidates for our clients.  Maintain those relationships moving forward.
·          Provide quick and accurate logistical support to facilitate all needed client/candidate interactions.
·          Develop strong relationships at all levels of an organization (both internal and external).
·          Hold yourself accountable to yourself, your team (the firm), your clients and your candidates.
·          Network professionally and personally (you’re a natural at this!) – attend relevant industry events and represent the firm when appropriate.
·          Own the entire recruitment process including delivering and negotiating offers and performing candidate reference calls as needed.
·          Everything else (we didn’t think of) that gets the job done.
The right person – experience, qualifications, persona.
·          EDUCATION: BA/BS degree required (will consider those without but must have demonstrated a track record of success).  Open to all majors.
·          EXPERIENCE: Ideally, 1-2+ years of technical recruiting experience.  Client facing, management consultant experience is a plus! We will consider individuals with less experience; it’s the right personality and drive that matters.
·          Most importantly, if given the right platform, you want to own and drive your professional career, path and success.
·          Have phenomenal communication skills – verbal, written, presentation, interpersonal (yes, all of it).  You can carry a conversation and tell a great story.
·          Amazing computer skills (we don't mean basic Microsoft Office; you must be tech and web savvy).  Technology is an integral part of your day-to-day life.
·          Using Google and the Internet when you don’t know something is second nature to you.
·          You like to be plugged in and connected.  You may even have a hard time unplugging.
·          You need to be on top of things, you hate letting the ball drop and you take initiative.  It’s who you are.
·          You are adaptable and self-aware.  Really know your weaknesses and always looking to improve.
·          You are dependable and you do what you say you will do.  Otherwise, you don’t say it.
·          You have an unrelenting desire to succeed (whatever that means to you). 
·          Your drive and hunger for success takes precedence over other indulgences.
·          You don’t understand 9 to 5.  You only understand results. 
·          You are incredibly resourceful.  Will not only work harder to deliver results but will find ways to work smarter.
·          Interest, curiosity, severe or mild obsession with IOT, technology, media and entertainment all lend itself well to the role.
·          MUST be detaled orianted.  Did you catch that?  If so, great, keep reading…  If not, well…
·          Be incredibly organized and able to effectively juggle multiple competing priorities (ability to juggle actual tangible objects not required, although makes for a good happy hour discussion).
·          Self-driven and able to work and deliver results with minimal to no supervision.  We don’t and can’t micromanage; we all have our own work to deliver on.
·          Comfortable with negotiating? That’s a plus.  Can you sell ice to an Eskimo?  Even better.  You become friends with the Eskimo after?  Perfect.
·          You have a neurotic entrepreneurial drive.  You see the BIG PICTURE and willing to ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES to do what it takes to get the job done.  This isn’t a bureaucratic environment.  We are driven to deliver the results.  That’s what matters.
ü  A naturally sociable person, coupled with an inquisitive and curious persona and desire to continually learn.  You want to know “why” just as much as “what”.
ü  An incredibly strong team player, collegial and collaborative.  Competitiveness is great, but we are a team.  When there’s a win, it’s a team win.
ü  Genuine, approachable and open to new ideas.  No really, this means you’re adaptable, flexible and open to best practices. 
ü  No ego.  You can take constructive criticism and be a sponge when it comes to learning and adapting.
ü  Be of the highest level of integrity, character and ethics.
·          And equal parts Gladiator:
ü  Cat-like reflexes and have a high level of social and self-awareness.
ü  You know what needs to be done and operate with a sense of urgency (HUSTLE), focus and discipline (GRIT).
ü  A fast learner.  More importantly, open minded and willingness to learn; trainable and can take direction.
ü  You move quickly both physically and with technology (phone/computer/cloud).
ü  You are an expert swordsman and can shoot an arrow with pinpoint precision – Just kidding ;)
Why join our team?
We set the bar high at StartupTAP but our team members set their own bar even higher.  We work as a team.  Recruiting is all about people.  Our business is people.  We’re “people-people” or “people-persons” - you know what we mean.  We are fueled by incredible ambition, humility and the desire to build a top-tier firm.  If you want to be involved in a startup building startups, this is the place to be.  You will work alongside ambitious, smart and fun people helping the most talented and forward-thinking companies today acquire talent.  Every team member has the opportunity to make a significant and immediate impact.
·          OFFICE: Great centralized location in Downtown LA’s Arts District (plenty of restaurants, bars and entertainment).
·          GEAR: AKA your new BFFs.  We provide you with the tools to get the job done.  Whether you’re MAC or PC, you choose a laptop (MacBook Air or Lenovo X1 Carbon).  A 22” monitor at the office so you to have more screen real estate.  BYOD for phones, but we got your cell plan covered!
·          FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES: We all have so much to do, and not enough time and that’s why we’re hiring!  We don’t have “set hours” but you should when you start. Don’t be a stranger, this is a team thing after all.  We encourage everyone to be at the office to collaborate.  When you first start, that’s where you will learn the most.  Our team enjoys being at the office.  We have a weekly all-hands meeting.
·          UNLIMITED TIME OFF: Embrace it, you deserve it.  Take vacation and days off when you need to or when you just want a day off.  We trust our team members to hold themselves accountable to their clients and the firm.  Make sure you meet your goals.
·          OTHER PERKS:  Stocked office with food/snacks/drinks.  We often have company lunch/dinners/happy hours… It’s a fun, fast-paced environment filled with like-minded people.  We even have some medical and dental benefits to throw in!
We are all working towards the same goal and we have fun while doing it. We are a startup helping build world-class companies and this is when the right person can make a big impact on the overall success of the firm and help us redefine recruitmentThis is an exciting time for us and we want the right people to be a part of our team.