Technical Architect - Los Angeles

Culver City, CA

The Opportunity: Technical Architect
The technical architect is responsible for introducing the latest technologies suitable for innovative brands to create immediate differentiation. They also guide engineering teams in creating quality solutions that far exceed industry norms. The role requires a problem solving, forward thinking individual with an entrepreneurial mindset. 


    • Purpose driven exploration of new technologies
    • Identify technologies that will create differentiation to BeyondCurious’ target clients and partners with a time horizon of the next 6 to 12 months
    • Create prototypes that showcase value-driven use cases and prove the business viability for an emerging technology capability
    • Be a champion to raise awareness for such technologies and its potential use
    • Establish BeyondCurious as a technology expert
    • Lead important client sessions on critical engagements to establish credibility as a technology expert
    • Confidently share POV on how brands can leverage mobile, cloud and big data to solve business critical problems today
    • Tap in to their own network to bring other amazing technologists into BeyondCurious
    • Guide engineering teams in creating quality solutions
    • Establish protocols and tools that create consistency and predictability in our solutions
    • Establish baseline components/widgets/code snippets that help us accelerate custom development and improve quality
    • Conduct quality reviews on engagements to ensure that our solutions exceed industry norms in terms of scalability, performance and reliability
    • Contribute in PR and creating Buzz
    • Write blogs to share techniques and tools that create good quality outcomes
    • Write blogs to share POV on how brands can leverage mobile, cloud and big data to solve business critical problems today
    • Enjoys and is a natural at problem solving
    • Get hands-on and take charge when the engineering teams need support on a tough problem
    • Coach engineering teams on structured problem solving
    •  Be a key member of BC’s sales & marketing team
    • Actively contribute to sales presentations as a technology lead, proposing and documenting technology solutions
    • Establish credibility with an audience during in-person presentations of our proposals
    • Entrepreneurial mindset
    • Be Inventive by making the complex simple through imagination and forward thinking 
    • Be Pragmatic by balancing inventiveness with the reality of our clients business
    • Be Relentless by believing that there are no dead ends
    • Be Impactful by a desire to create massive impact and an urgency to achieving results


    • Autonomy to define success and the path to making it happen
    • Acceptance for purposeful exploration of technologies that may be experimental or speculative
    • High caliber team that drives to quality
    • A responsive leadership team that will provide support and guidance
    • Healthy and collaborative relationships with the team, clients and partners
    • Collaborative and accessible cloud based tools to drive projects


    • High quality solutions as measured in business results and minimum post launch issues
    • Client happiness as measured by NPS (Net Promoter Score)
    • Team’s pride in the work they do everyday as measured by PIP (Pride In Product)


    • 10+ years of technology experience, concepting, developing, and supporting products for large and small organizations
    • Prior work experience with well known US-based digital agencies and the ability to effectively manage client accounts and project teams
    • Delivered successful and high profile customer facing (B2C) digital solutions leveraging front end frameworks like Bootstrap/Angular/Backbone, mobile technologies including native and HTML5 apps, CMS and cloud technologies (Heroku/AWS)
    • Ability to estimate and plan project work and product development efforts, including the assessment of risks and dependencies.
    • Has worked with globally distributed team
    • Excellent organizational skills and ability to manage multiple tasks
    • Self-organized and motivated team player with a demonstrated ability to achieve objectives
    • Experience selecting, evaluating and managing vendor relationships with capabilities partners
    • BS or MS in computer science or related field preferred

Who we are…
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