Platform Engineer

San Francisco, CA
Full-time has come a long way from its humble beginnings 24 months ago, picking up 1500 customers and some of the biggest names on the internet. Companies like Atlassian, Citrix, Fastly, Cloudflare, New Relic, and Vimeo rely on our platform to make their lives better and to keep their customers happy. We're profitable, and believe in running a sustainable company with teammates that help us grow and enrich our lives.

Your job as a Platform Engineer is to work on our infrastructure, and sling code for new customer features. Customers pay us for the magic of their status page being available and working exactly as they need it to during their darkest moments, and we have to do our best to deliver a magical experience for them each and every time they interact with our product. Your domain is server land, rails code, and all of the external services we use to keep the business running, but you'll also be in on intimate discussion of company direction, priorities, and everything else that comes with a startup and, mostly importantly, a small team.

Your job will include a healthy amount of pairing, talking with customers, refactoring existing features, and making slow things fast again. We work with many of the tools listed below, and are constantly looking for ways to make things more performant, more stable, and more nimble as we add bigger and better features to the product. You will be involved in all of this.

Next year also has in store for us a brand new product for a brand new audience - something that could define the direction of the company in the coming months and years.

Great Candidates Will Have

    • Extensive experience working with a dynamic language like Ruby or Python, and preferably a framework like Rails
    • Extensive experience managing a traditional relational database (PostgreSQL, or MySQL)
    • Been woken up at least once at 3am by PagerDuty, and have a burning desire for that not to happen again
    • Used AWS to run a production-level deployment, and be familiar with its building blocks
    • Understanding of failure patterns with third party integrations, and how to guard an infrastructure from them
    • Experience and an opinion about whether to use Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Bash, or some new cool tool you found on hacker news.

For Extra Brownie Points

    • Experience with Node.js, websockets, and all the fun that comes with realtime protocols
    • Experience with running Cassandra, or some NoSQL variant, across multiple data centers
    • SOA or microservice development, instrumentation, and deployment using Go or some other non-interpreted language
    • Life experience outside of computering that brings some cool insight into your job