Server-Side Engineer

San Francisco, CA
There are many software components needed to operate a lodging marketplace with dynamic pricing. Server side engineers at Stayful work on building those software components, or work on scaling up existing components. Examples of past and future projects are pricing optimization engine, personalized search results based on consumer preferences and behavioral data, Stayful as a RESTful API, SaaS analytics tools for hotels, an uber meta-search application for hotel rates, admin tools for customer support and supplier management, remote check-in to hotel rooms, replacing key card entry at hotels with an IPhone app, rate locks, video reviews.


    • Excellent programming skills. You care about writing fast, easily readable, maintainable code.
    • Expert knowledge of Python. Or the ability to rapidly learn it.
    • Know how to strike the right balance between code maintainability and scrappiness.
    • Knowledge of how web application frameworks function under the hood.
    • Working knowledge of Linux operating systems and Bash shell scripting.
    • Experience with MongoDB, Cassandra and relational databases


    • Experience with front-end development using CSS/HTML/Javascript.
    • Experience working in a startup or in scaling a system to millions of users.
    • Experience working with distributed caches.
    • Experience working with crawlers is a plus
Our goal is make travel more affordable so that more people can travel more often. We all know that independent, boutique hotels have rooms that go empty every night. To find guests and fill these rooms, especially within the next 30 days, is really hard and expensive for the hotels. Our team created Stayful to connect these hotels with people who are looking for an independent, boutique hotel, are traveling within the next 30 days, want to choose their hotel and also want to get a better price.

Stayful is supported by several exceptional advisors with great track records in their areas of expertise. The founding team has built, run, and worked at several very successful consumer internet companies, with exit valuations ranging from $175 million to $616 million.

Stayful has offices in New York and San Francisco. We offer competitive salary and equity packages, health benefits, don't track vacation days, and have a flat org structure.