Dev-Ops Engineer

San Francisco, CA
We ship code several times daily at Stayful. This requires building a highly automated and resilient infrastructure, along with developer tools that remove roadblocks to productivity.


    • Expert knowledge of IT automation software (Puppet).
    • Expert knowledge of scripting languages (Bash, Python).
    • Knowledge about TCP/IP networking.
    • Knowledge about Linux based operating systems (Ubuntu).
    • Experience maintaining a fleet of Linux based servers in a high traffic environment.
    • Experience with monitoring tools such as Nagios, New Relic, Munin, Statsd, Graphite.
    • Experience with scaling big data repositories (Cassandra). Or ability to learn quickly how to do so


    • Expertise in security.
    • Experience negotiating with vendors and managing contracts.
    • Experience working on developing web applications.
Our goal is make travel more affordable so that more people can travel more often. We all know that independent, boutique hotels have rooms that go empty every night. To find guests and fill these rooms, especially within the next 30 days, is really hard and expensive for the hotels. Our team created Stayful to connect these hotels with people who are looking for an independent, boutique hotel, are traveling within the next 30 days, want to choose their hotel and also want to get a better price.

Stayful is supported by several exceptional advisors with great track records in their areas of expertise. The founding team has built, run, and worked at several very successful consumer internet companies, with exit valuations ranging from $175 million to $616 million.

Stayful has offices in New York and San Francisco. We offer competitive salary and equity packages, health benefits, don't track vacation days, and have a flat org structure.