Front End Engineer

San Francisco
You will be responsible for architecting and implementing a  framework that will be empowering the next-generation digital payments  experience. You are excited that you will be contributing to an  open-source codebase that will be distributed and built upon around the  world. You know what OOCSS means and it runs hot in your blood. Making front-end components reusable, extensible and modular is what keeps you awake at night. You live and breathe HTML/CSS/JS. You have several years experience building front-end architecture for scale and performance. You like leveraging the power of frameworks and pre-processors but are not reliant on them. You thrive on collaborating with back-end engineers and designers. Proficiency with Angular is a plus.
About Stellar
The Stellar network is an open payment platform that allows individuals, businesses, and institutions anywhere in the world to send money in any currency at a very low cost. Stellar's goal is to transform financial systems by making money as easy to send as an email. The Stellar network is a peer-to-peer distributed global database, often referred to as blockchain technology. We have chosen to keep our code open-source in order to promote an inclusive software ecosystem that anyone can build upon and use.