Academic Dean of ELA (Instructional Coach)-revised

Nashville, TN
Faculty Positions – Middle School Faculty /
Full Time /
As one of the Academic Deans, you will be charged with the development of highly effective teachers to ensure our students master rigorous grade level content and exceed the performance of their peers at the local, state, and national levels.  An Academic Dean is responsible for driving student results through instructional coaching of teachers and the design and facilitation of high quality professional development.  The Dean conducts classroom observations, provides feedback aligned to content and school expectations, and supports high quality instructional planning through the Intellectual Prep Protocol and Data-Driven Practice Protocols.  The Dean maintains a content data dashboard to measure weekly, quarterly, and annual performance target achievement, responding swiftly to emergent strengths and needs.  As a member of the school leadership team, the Academic Dean drives schoolwide adult and student culture through leadership.  The Dean ensures all classrooms under his/her/their purview exemplify the STEM Prep mission and vision, align to the schoolwide cultural expectations and systems, and uphold a rigorous academic culture supportive of student learning and growth.  In the leadership of adults, the Academic Dean responds effectively to support our “all students” beliefs and models the educator actions that drive culture and ultimately student actions and outcomes.  As a leader among leaders, the Dean partners effectively with teammates in pursuit of goals and performance targets.  Among leaders and teachers, the Academic Dean fosters a strong culture of inclusiveness, joy, and learning.

As the Academic Dean of ELA, you will be coaching the English teachers at the middle school to ensure student success. There are eight English teachers at our middle school. Our English department uses the Achievement First curriculum for instruction. You will also be working alongside all other leadership team members in creating a positive learning culture across the school.  

Required Qualifications:

    • Three years of teaching experience in a tested subject
    • Holds a valid Tennessee teaching license in ELA or the ability to convert the license
    • School leadership experience or equivalent experience
    • Demonstrable results on standardized tests, proven track record of growth on rubric, and knowledge of data-driven instruction in class
    • Ability to hold adults accountable while building and maintaining relationships
    • Eagerness to resolve conflicts, not avoid them.
    • Demonstrated commitment to Anti Racism, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion,
    • Demonstrates confidence in creating, monitoring and evaluating action plans 
    • Ability to manage multiple priorities and a students first mindset
    • Evidence of executing a strong vision for a department. 
    • Understands that leaders are expected to have flexible availability and prep time outside of school hours.
    • Bachelor’s degree in education or related field

Preferred Qualifications:

    • Outstanding performance as a lead teacher, supporting student outcomes that exceed district and state performance
    • Proven track record of family and community collaborations that drive strong student outcomes and results
    • Demonstrated results in coaching adult learners and practitioners to meet individual and collective performance targets, resulting in student outcomes that exceed district and state performance
    • Experience designing, facilitating, and evaluating adult learning and professional development that drives school improvement and cultivates a culture of learning, growth, and joy
    • Valid teaching license


    • Are listed below!

Development and Management of People

    • Maintains command of student culture data, particularly in the classrooms under my purview, with particular attention to attendance rates, discipline interventions, student satisfaction, and family communication.
    • Builds strong partnerships with teammates through meaningful collaborations on work products and feedback cycles.
    • Cultivates conditions for teacher longevity including effective coaching, rapid improvement and results, and strengths-based support.
    • Leverages interactions with students and adults to foster mission-connectedness and promote inclusiveness, joy, and learning.
    • Holds adults accountable through crucial conversations
    • Facilitates and supports family and parent communications to include quarterly academic parent academy workshops
    • Performs quarterly evaluations of direct reports and staff members

Professional Development:

    • Collaborates with School Director and Network Academics Team Content Director in the design and facilitation of content-based professional development.  Crafts professional development in alignment with highest levers.
    • Engages in pre- and post-feedback loops to strengthen session design and facilitation.
    • Ensures teachers have opportunities to demonstrate mastery through practice cycles.
    • Aligns instructional coaching and professional development to provide a coherent series of supports.
    • Fosters strong adult culture in and through sessions, exemplifying inclusiveness, joy in developing our craft, and maximizing our learning.

Instructional Coaching and Planning

    • Responsible for all student and teacher outcomes for the caseload (academic outcomes, classroom culture & climate, attendance)Provides equity-driven and inclusive coaching of adult learners in alignment with the institutional mission, vision, and values
    • Conducts weekly observations of teachers, collects low-inference data and gametape, and provides feedback.  For teachers with high priority management needs, conducts twice-weekly observations with same-day snappy practice.  Maintains a keen eye for instructional excellence, identifies the highest leverage area to strengthen, creates strong action steps, and follows through to ensure teachers’ and students’ success in executing action steps.
    • Provides feedback on unit plans and summative assessments two weeks prior to the unit of instruction.  Engages in Intellectual Prep Protocol to ensure teacher has requisite content and pedagogical content knowledge for a strong foundation of practice.
    • Provides weekly feedback on lesson plans and student materials, prioritizing alignment to grade level standards and ensuring mastery of rigorous grade level content.
    • Analyzes student work weekly to identify trends in mastery and student misconceptions/errors.  Pairs qualitative student work analysis with quantitative analyses of formative and summative assessment data.  Provides support for reteach and reassessment cycles.
    • Prepares for and executes weekly data meetings, building teacher capacity to analyze and respond to student data.
    • Serves as an exemplar model for instructional practice. 

Data-Driven Practice:

    • Analyzes student work weekly to identify trends in mastery and student misconceptions/errors.  Pairs qualitative student work analysis with quantitative analyses of formative and summative assessment data.  Provides support for reteach and reassessment cycles.
    • Prepares for and executes weekly data meetings, building teacher capacity to analyze and respond to student data.
    • Maintains content data dashboard to measure weekly, quarterly, and annual performance.
    • Communicates data analyses with clarity and transparency, naming the key datapoint and action step.
    • Supports teachers in data tracking at the unit level and towards EOY performance targets.  Ensures public celebrations of both achievement and growth.
    • Ensures all teachers have command and fluency of their students’ data, can articulate current mastery relative to goal, and are inspired to lead a data-driven practice in their classrooms and among colleagues.

Administrative Responsibilities

    • Proactively contributes analyses and strategic, continuous improvement plans to Principal
    • Helps to plan and coordinate school events including, but not limited to testing schedules, arrival, dismissal and lunch logistics, culture events, scheduling and coverage duties.
    • Serves as the Principal’s proxy or liaison as directed
    • Attends after school events and parent nights as needed. 
    • Other duties as assigned.
STEM Prep Academy believes it is critical for our staff - teachers and leaders to reflect the communities that they serve. We actively support equal opportunity for all people. As such, we strongly encourage People of Color, Women, LGBTQIA2S+ Individuals, Individuals with Disabilities, First Generation College Graduates, and all other groups that have been historically marginalized to apply to become a member of the STEM Team. STEM Prep does not discriminate in its hiring or employment practices.