Assistant Principal of Student Culture

Nashville, TN
School Leadership – High School Leadership Team /
Full Time /
As one of the Academic Deans, you will be charged with the development of highly effective teachers to ensure our students master rigorous grade level content and exceed the performance of their peers at the local, state, and national levels.  An Academic Dean is responsible for driving student results through instructional coaching of teachers and the design and facilitation of high quality professional development.  The Dean conducts classroom observations, provides feedback aligned to content and school expectations, and supports high quality instructional planning through the Intellectual Prep Protocol and Data-Driven Practice Protocols.  The Dean maintains a content data dashboard to measure weekly, quarterly, and annual performance target achievement, responding swiftly to emergent strengths and needs.  As a member of the school leadership team, the Academic Dean drives schoolwide adult and student culture through leadership.  The Dean ensures all classrooms under his/her/their purview exemplify the STEM Prep mission and vision, align to the schoolwide cultural expectations and systems, and uphold a rigorous academic culture supportive of student learning and growth.  In the leadership of adults, the Academic Dean responds effectively to support our “all students” beliefs and models the educator actions that drive culture and ultimately student actions and outcomes.  As a leader among leaders, the Dean partners effectively with teammates in pursuit of goals and performance targets.  Among leaders and teachers, the Academic Dean fosters a strong culture of inclusiveness, joy, and learning.

Position Overview:  STEM Prep is looking for an Assistant Principal of Student Culture to help lead the school to unparalleled achievement. This person would serve on the school leadership team and report directly to the principal.  Oversees character development, and discipline, and manages all student's activities. Additionally, the APS will supervise in collaboration with the principal the culture team.
The APSC relentlessly pursues excellence, models consistent communication and interpersonal behavior to foster positive student and adult relationships, develops and leads multi-tiered systems of support in alignment with the STEM Preparatory Academy Priorities and Goals, as well as the school's goals, rules, and regulations. The Assistant Principal works collaboratively with students, parents, and staff toward improved academic and social-emotional growth as well as student/family engagement.

Job Description

    • Required Qualifications:
    • Three years of teaching experience
    • A desire to become a school principal within the next 2 to 3 years
    • Hold or the ability to attain an administrative licensure
    • Two years of school leadership experience or equivalent experience
    • Commitment to the development of adult learners through skill, knowledge, and mindset coaching conversations
    • Ability to hold adults accountable while building and maintaining relationships
    • Eagerness to resolve conflicts, not avoid them.
    • Demonstrated commitment to Anti Racism, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging
    • Feels confident, compelled, and proactive in creating, monitoring, and evaluating action plans
    • Ability to manage multiple priorities and a student-first mindset
    • Bachelor’s degree in education or related field
    • Preferred Qualifications:
    • Knowledge of or background in Special Education and/or ELL
    • Knowledge of or experience with PBIS and School Culture Teams
    • Outstanding performance as a lead teacher, supporting student outcomes that exceed district and state performance
    • Proven track record of family and community collaborations that drive strong student outcomes and results
    • Demonstrated results in coaching adult learners and practitioners to meet individual and collective performance targets, resulting in student outcomes that exceed district and state performance
    • Experience designing, facilitating, and evaluating adult learning and professional development that drives school improvement and cultivates a culture of learning, growth, and joy
    • Evidence of designing and executing a strong vision for a department.
    • A valid teaching license
    • Responsibilities
    • Support the development, implementation, and monitoring of the school improvement plan to ensure academic and social-emotional outcomes are met.
    • Provide a wide variety of coherent and aligned learning opportunities for teachers focused on analyzing student work, effective planning, targeted and differentiated instruction, as well as high expectations for classroom culture and behavior.
    • Serve on the Leadership Team; collaborate with inter-departmental teams to determine school-wide professional development, curriculum, and assessment needs to meet all school goals.
    • Meet with teachers regularly to discuss data trends; problem-solve with teachers to prioritize the teacher actions that will most impact student performance and be able to communicate trends to all staff.
    • Develop, implement, and support a system to ensure a positive school climate for students and adults.
    • Interview, supervise, and evaluate all staff, both certified and non-certified in a complete and timely fashion, ensuring best practices in the related programs.
    • Promote the use of the behavioral components of Restorative Practice inquiry techniques and conferences, Response to Intervention (RTI), and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) to effectively provide core instruction and intervention.
    • Supervise daily student attendance and monitor the procedures of the attendance office to ensure compliance with mandatory attendance laws and increase student attendance patterns, particularly in decreasing the percentage of chronically absent students.
    • Organize and communicate the discipline process with building staff and offer feedback to staff, parents, and students for discipline events.
    • Provide the supervision necessary for participants and spectators during after school and evening extracurricular activities.
    • Lead and/or assist in the organization of before/after school family and community engagement activities with staff, students, and community.
    • Consult with parents, staff, district personnel, community, and individual students to ensure that each student is placed in an individualized program that best meets his/her identified needs.
    • As requested by building administration, participate in building IEP Meetings for students currently enrolled.
    • Schedule the instructional programs, students, staff, and classrooms, including coordination efforts to streamline the registration process.
    • Development and Management of People
    • Shares leadership and manages the Culture Team
    • Responsible for all student and teacher outcomes  classroom culture & climate, and attendance alongside the principal
    • In concert with the principal, provides equity-driven and inclusive coaching of adult learners in alignment with the institutional mission, vision, and values
    • In collaboration with the principal, the assistant principal is responsible for the supervision, safety, and well-being of students and staff
    • Performs evaluations for staff members designated by the principal
    • Staff culture
    • Support the staff culture and work environment in which highly effective staff members are actively engaged and feel unwaveringly connected to the organization and its mission. Strengthen the school to a place where staff and students are all committed to excellence and believe that hard work is the key to achieving it.
    • Designs, facilitates and evaluates the outcomes of staff professional development
    • Professional Development
    • Develop, maintain, and regularly review and revise systems and practices that improve staff ability to increase student achievement.
    • Data Analysis
    • Develop data-informed plans following ongoing and real-time data analyses to determine next steps.
    • Submits weekly performance reports and analyses to the Principal and appropriate others
    • Proactively contributes analyses and strategic, continuous improvement plans to Principal
    • Ensure the school’s diverse student populations are making progress equal to those students in its regular education program.
    • As the leader of a data-driven organization, root all decisions - academic, cultural, etc. - in data.
    • Community Relations
    • Facilitates and supports family and parent communications to include quarterly parent academy workshops
    • Builds and maintains a high level of parent satisfaction with the organization as evidenced by feedback and low student attrition rates. Listen and respond respectfully to the range of concerns expressed by various constituents.
    • Uphold our open door policy, ensuring that all families and stakeholders, regardless of home language or country of origin, feel welcome and comfortable at our school.
    • Admin Responsibilities
    • Partner with the High School leadership teams, Network team, and support staff.
    • Ensure an effective flow of critical information between and among leaders, staff, teachers, and students.
    • Work closely with leaders to keep all parties fully informed on all important aspects of the status and development of the academic program to ensure transparent and effective oversight of the organization as a whole.
    • Collaborate with members of senior staff to bolster the quality of programming and ensure continuous improvement of the academic program and organization as a whole. 
    • Create and maintain a culture that promotes student achievement and college preparation for all students.
    • Demonstrate a commitment to competent communication and conflict resolution.
    • Ensure the school meets and is in compliance with all federal, state, and local rules and regulations.
    • Other duties as assigned

STEM Prep Academy believes it is critical for our staff - teachers and leaders to reflect the communities that they serve. We actively support equal opportunity for all people. As such, we strongly encourage People of Color, Women, LGBTQIA2S+ Individuals, Individuals with Disabilities, First Generation College Graduates, and all other groups that have been historically marginalized to apply to become a member of the STEM Team. STEM Prep does not discriminate in its hiring or employment practices.