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Who We Are
Launching the first public charter school network to serve the incredibly vibrant and diverse South Nashville community, in 2010 our team set out to do what everyone told our Founder couldn’t be done: provide a rigorous, inquiry-based STEM education for Nashville’s structurally underrepresented subgroups, preparing each student, regardless of home language or immigration status, to graduate from college. Nearly a decade after our doors opened to our founding 5th grade class, we operate two fully built out high-performing schools serving the highest percentage of limited english proficiency students in our sector: STEM Prep Academy Middle School (grades 5-8) and STEM Prep High School (grades 9-12). In 2014, we expanded our impact to launch one of the largest newcomer programs in the country, the Nashville Newcomer Academy, serving new arrival immigrant and refugee students and their families from around the world.

Today, our team is comprised of over 100 of the most tenacious, persistent, and mission-aligned teachers, leaders, and support staff working to secure the college-graduation mission for each and every one of our students and their families. By 2025, we aim for the diversity of our staff to mirror the population we serve. We have the national growth data, the accolades and awards, the parent testimonials, the college scholarship funds, and the founding alumni, the college-graduating class of 2023, to prove that what we set out to do is in fact possible. We show up for our students and for each other every single day, motivated by the incredibly hard work it takes to give our students what they deserve (what everyone said couldn’t be done).

Join us.

Who You Are:

    • You are a data geek. You examine your student data every day, motivated in equal parts by the gaps yet to be closed and the mastery already attained. Because you’re so data-driven, your students are too. Your students are able to articulate their own strengths and areas for growth because data is such an integral part of every lesson you teach.
    • You are seeking a feedback culture - a place where admin and teachers alike are in your classroom every day, pushing you to grow and improve.
    • You probably have experience working with English Learners (ELs) (over 80% of our network comes from a Non-English Language Background). Maybe you come from a Non-English Language Background yourself. But if you don’t have this experience, you are a fit if you fully believe our country’s ELs can and will achieve, and that it’s our honor and responsibility to ensure they do.
    • When faced with a challenge, your default is to be solutions-oriented.
    • You are in this for the long-haul, feel called to work with this specific community, at this specific school. Our kids deserve consistency, and you are committed to providing that for them.
    • You have the data, qualitative and quantitative, to show that you get results.
    • Your classroom is warm, highly structured, and safe: each student knows exactly what is expected of them at all times, and they model with peers the care you enact.
    • You seek to partner with the parents of every student you teach because you know that collaboration is vital to the success of this work.
Not all applicants will have skills that match a job description exactly. STEM Prep values diverse experiences in other industries, and we encourage everyone who meets the required qualifications to apply. While having “desired” qualifications make for a strong candidate, we encourage applicants with alternative experiences to also apply. If your career is just starting or hasn't followed a traditional path, don't let that stop you from considering STEM Prep.


Competitive compensation & benefits.
-Annual Salary: On average, our teacher’s salaries out pay traditional district and choice sector teachers.
-Stipend eligibility (early decision, competitive roles, graduate school)
-Referral bonus ($1,000 for every teacher and leader candidate we hire)
-Licensure support
-Unlimited classroom supplies (and unlimited coffee!)
-Snack drawers
-Weekly professional development and personalized coaching.

Family & Wellbeing
-Paid Parental Leave (12 weeks paid leave for mothers AND fathers!)
-Retirement counseling
-Health center access
-Mental health counseling

We don’t believe in growth plans with goals around how many buildings we operate or how large our network is. We run through the wall to develop deep and lasting community partnerships that will transform the lives of our kids and families for generations to come. Our growth plan isn’t oriented towards meeting a financial goal or reaching a specific size. We are whole-heartedly committed to deepening our impact in this specific community. Here are some examples of our community-based efforts and impact so far:
-We don't teach History, we teach Historical Perspectives.
-Translation services at every event so parents are informed.
-English classes three times a week for all parents, including those who work third shift.
-When there is a family in crisis, we are the first people they call.
-When there is a quinceanera, every teacher is invited.
-We have the largest mental health staff of any network.
-Our alumni frequently visit and love to be back on campus. Our previous Certified Medical Assistant students even come back to volunteer their time!

We're different from the other schools. Our aim is to continue this level of deep impact and advance the outcomes, education and otherwise, for all students and families in the neighborhoods we serve.

STEM Prep Academy believes it is critical for our staff - teachers and leaders to reflect the communities that they serve. We actively support equal opportunity for all people. As such, we strongly encourage People of Color, Women, LGBTQIA2S+ Individuals, Individuals with Disabilities, First Generation College Graduates, and all other groups that have been historically marginalized to apply to become a member of the STEM Team. STEM Prep does not discriminate in its hiring or employment practices. 

In compliance with Metro Nashville Public Schools' policy, all STEM Prep employees must pass a background check.
I acknowledge that professional reference checks are a part of the hiring process at STEM Prep Academy, and I agree to provide references if being considered for a position.