High School Director (Beginning 2021-22 School Year)

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Who We Are

Launching the first public charter school network to serve the incredibly vibrant and diverse South Nashville community, in 2010 our team set out to do what everyone told our Founder couldn’t be done: provide a rigorous, inquiry-based STEM education for Nashville’s structurally underrepresented subgroups, preparing each student, regardless of home language or immigration status, to graduate from college. Nearly a decade after our doors opened to our founding 5th grade class, we operate two fully built out high-performing schools serving the highest percentage of limited english proficiency students in our sector: STEM Prep Academy Middle School (grades 5-8) and STEM Prep High School (grades 9-12). In 2014, we expanded our impact to launch one of the largest newcomer programs in the country, the Nashville Newcomer Academy, serving new arrival immigrant and refugee students and their families from around the world.

Today, our team is comprised of over 100 of the most tenacious, persistent, and mission-aligned teachers, leaders, and support staff working to secure the college-graduation mission for each and every one of our students and their families. We have the ACT scores and national growth data, the accolades and awards, the parent testimonials, the college scholarship funds, and the founding alumni, the college-graduating class of 2023, to prove that what we set out to do is in fact possible. We show up for our students and for each other every single day, motivated by the incredibly hard work it takes to give our students what they deserve (what everyone said couldn’t be done).

Join us.

Award-winning charter operator is looking for a passionate, committed, and results-driven instructional leader to set vision and direction for their proof-point high school.  Through a rigorous college prep academic model, dual credit programs, and industry certification pathways in the health sciences, STEM Prep has changed opportunity for thousands of students.  We seek a leader who will build upon this foundation and chart the next course for our community.

Who Are You?

    • You are a highly effective, visionary school leader with a strong track record of proven results for students and teams.
    • You are driven to serve our unique and very special student population and school community.  You have an unwavering commitment to our people.
    • You are humbled by our tight-knit culture, knowing that you must build strong relationships fast.
    • You are hungry to grow.  You lean in to feedback, crave it, thrive on it. 
    • You are a people person. You are a great listener, the person everyone comes to for advice. You are trustworthy and operate with full integrity. When you make a commitment to a community, to a place, to the people, you follow through every time.
    • Your favorite places to be are joyful and rigorous classrooms, bustling hallways, the family section of the soccer game, and the living rooms of your students. You are committed to leading from within the mix, collaborating and partnering to ensure every single student is successful and our school is family.

What do you believe?

    • You know, deep in your bones, that under your leadership every single student can, wants to, and will achieve as a result of great teaching and great leadership.
    • Every single student, regardless of their background, will graduate from college.  And when they do, you’ll be in the front row.

You will blaze the trail for unparalleled academic achievement.

    • Lead STEM Prep High School to become the highest performing charter school in Nashville, serving primarily low-income students and one of the largest populations of English Learners in this Southeast region of the nation. 
    • Set and own the academic and cultural vision for the High School, aligned to our college-going mission for ALL students.
    • Manage and develop the SPH leadership team, including Academic Deans, Dean of Students, and Dean of Academic Operations in successfully fulfilling our school goals.
    • Demonstrate and execute on thorough knowledge of effective curriculum, assessment, and instructional practices to close the achievement gap.
    • Create, maintain, and regularly revise systems and processes to drive student achievement.
    • Meet or exceed agreed upon goals set for increasing student performance in formative assessments (MAP, benchmark testing, etc.) as well as achievement data (TNReady, ACT, ACCESS testing).
    • Ensure the school’s diverse student populations are making progress equal to those students in its regular education program.
    • Ensure the school meets and is in compliance with all federal, state, and local rules and regulations.
    • As the leader of a data-driven organization, root all decisions - academic, cultural, etc. - in data.
    • Ensure that all teachers and leaders regularly use assessment data to meet individual student needs and make daily instructional decisions.

Create lasting, positive student relationships that yield academic results.

    • Oversee the school-wide positive behavioral support program and practices to cultivate a student culture of excellence undergirded by the organization’s mission and core values.
    • Approach all student concerns through the lens of Love and Logic.
    • Demonstrate thorough knowledge of effective PBS systems and practices that support a culture of excellence, growth, and care. 

Invest in, commit to, develop, and lead our people.

    • Staff culture: Create a staff culture and work environment in which highly effective staff members are actively engaged and feel unwaveringly connected to the organization and its mission. Make the school a place where staff and students are all committed to excellence and believe that hard work is the key to achieving it.
    • Professional Development: Develop, maintain, and regularly review and revise systems and practices that improve staff ability to increase student achievement.
    • Staff retention: Successfully retain top performers. Creates an environment where staff is committed to a long tenure and would recommend working at the school to others.
    • Create and maintain a culture that promotes student achievement and college preparation for all students.
    • Demonstrate a commitment to competent communication and conflict resolution.
    • Consistently evaluate and proactively improve people, processes, programs, and services for greater effectiveness, efficiency and value. 

Cultivate a culture of excellence and care for our entire community.

    • Build and maintain family satisfaction. Provide indication of a high level of parent satisfaction with the organization as evidenced by feedback and low student attrition rates. Listen and respond respectfully to the range of concerns expressed by various constituents.
    • Uphold our open door policy, ensuring that all families and stakeholders, regardless of home language or country of origin, feel welcome and comfortable at our school.

The success of our work depends on our collaboration across the entire network.

    • Partner with the Middle School leadership teams, Network team, and support staff.
    • Ensure an effective flow of critical information between and among leaders, staff, teachers and students.
    • Work closely with leaders to keep all parties fully informed on all important aspects of the status and development of the academic program to ensure transparent and effective oversight of the organization as a whole.
    • Collaborate with members of senior staff to bolster quality of programming and ensure continuous improvement of the academic program and organization as a whole.  

The Top 3 Reasons You Choose Us.

1. WE SEE OPPORTUNITY WHERE OTHERS SEE IMPOSSIBILITY. STEM fields are the future. And our kids will be leading them.

Our students are achieving unprecedented success on a national scale.
-Since its first year of operation, our Middle and High School students have outperformed the district and state every year in both reading and math.
-On average, the number of our students performing on or above grade level in both English/Language Arts and Math is more than double that of zoned schools.
-Our newest arrivals have been ranked in the top 1% nationally for growth in reading and math on the NWEA MAP assessment.
-Nashville Newcomer Academy students made 11x the expected growth in math and 15x expected growth in reading.

College graduation.
-Last year, our founding class, the college graduating class of 2023, earned over 3 million dollars in scholarships.
-We secured funding and college access for every single one of our undocumented students.

Weekly professional development and personalized coaching.

Leadership development. Whether you want to lead as the best ELA teacher in the state or as the School Director, we have a pathway for that.

Competitive compensation & benefits.
-Annual Salary: On average, our teacher’s salaries are 10% higher than traditional district and choice sector teachers.
-Stipend eligibility (early decision, competitive roles, graduate school)
-Referral bonus ($1,000 for every teacher and leader candidate we hire)
-Licensure support
-Unlimited classroom supplies

Family & Wellbeing
-Paid Parental Leave
-Private nursing room for new moms.
-Child care supplement for PD days
-Retirement counseling
-Health center access
-Mental health counseling

We don’t believe in growth plans with goals around how many buildings we operate or how large our network is. We run through the wall to develop deep and lasting community partnerships that will transform the lives of our kids and families for generations to come. Our growth plan isn’t oriented towards meeting a financial goal or reaching a specific size. We are whole-heartedly committed to deepening our impact in this specific community. Here are some examples of our community-based efforts and impact so far:
-Health programs to make sure our moms get their mammograms.
-Home ownership classes no none of our families are in a predatory rent culture.
-English classes three times a day for all parents, including those who work third shift.
-When there is a family in crisis, we are the first people they call.
-When there is a quinceanera, every teacher is there.
-We have the largest mental health staff of any network (and a really great therapy dog).
-Our alumni are here almost every day of the week, drinking coffee in the breakroom, seeking feedback on their latest essay, and attending parent-teacher conference with their younger siblings.
We're different from the other guys. Our aim is to continue this level of deep impact and advance the outcomes, education and otherwise, for all students and families in the neighborhoods we serve.

STEM Preparatory Academy believes it is critical for leaders in urban education to reflect the urban communities they serve. We actively recruit people of color to join our team. We support equal opportunity for all people and we strongly encourage diverse candidates to apply for open positions. STEM Prep does not discriminate in its hiring or employment practices.