Email marketer

About Sticker Mule
Sticker Mule is the best place to work and shop. We make ordering fast, simple and fun while creating a stable, low stress and enjoyable place for talented people to work. We are looking for a Copywriter to write creative and engaging copy that drives growth and make our customers happier.

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Job description
The email marketer optimizes the value of our email marketing by identifying, drafting and executing emails to grow sales. 

Work performed 
1. Collaborates with management to determine our email marketing schedule. 
2. Drafts and executes email marketing campaigns. 
3. Strategizes, drafts, and executes drip and transactional emails.
4. Monitors, evaluates and tests transactional & lifecycle email variations to optimize performance. 
5. Omits needless words from email copy to save customer's time. 
6. Ensures content and brand guidelines are followed. 
7. Performs other activities as assigned by management. 

1. 2+ years professional experience managing email marketing campaigns.
2. Exceptional writing skills

1. $70,000+ depending on experience.
2. Signing bonus.
3. 4 weeks vacation.