Senior DevOps Engineer

Tel-Aviv /
R&D /
We are looking for the first DevOps engineer to join the team and take the responsibility of ramping up our cloud infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines. You’ll start almost from scratch, so it's an amazing opportunity to make an impact on how those processes are going to work. Our product sits within the core application code of our customers’ systems so reliability is not an afterthought. You’ll work closely with our engineer team to build a stable, highly available, and flexible system that fits our company’s current and future needs. Things that 

You’ll be focused on:

    • Promoting a dev-first experience for our engineering team and our customers (which are devs too)
    • Building and owning our cloud infrastructure end-to-end on top of AWS
    • Making sure that our system can handle large scale and be fault-tolerant
    • Velocity - invest in building and buying the tools that support that
    • Supporting the engineering team by building tools to automate the development processes
    • Monitoring and optimizing our production environment
    • Utilizing best practices of security & compliance
    • Occasionally dive into the application code

Ideal candidate:

    • 3+ years of experience as a DevOps Engineer, or as a Software Developer with a passion for DevOps
    • At least 2 years of experience working with cloud providers, especially with AWS
    • Deep interest in Cloud Computing, Infrastructure-as-Code, Containers, and Serverless
    • Hands-on experience with logging and monitoring platforms
    • Experienced building and maintaining CI/CD pipelines
    • Zeal for automation of deployment and development processes
    • Pragmatic and not afraid to write scripts and build internal tools