Senior Frontend Engineer

Tel-Aviv /
R&D /
We are looking for a Senior Frontend Engineer to join our highly talented founding team and work closely together with other engineers to bring our product to life. You’ll be joining the company at a very early stage, so it is an amazing opportunity to make a major impact on how our product works. Our software sits within the core application code of our customers’ systems, so reliability and performance are extremely important. As a front-end engineer, you’ll be working on our web applications, SDKs, CLI tools, and widget libraries that will help our customers to manage their pricing and packaging offerings faster and smarter.

What will be your primary goals 🎯

    • Promoting a dev-first experience for our engineering team and our customers (who are developers too!)
    • Building an intuitive pricing & packaging management application
    • Building a library of embeddable widgets and components
    • Maintaining a framework of SDKs and tools that allows applications to seamlessly handle changes in customer subscriptions and product offerings.
    • Owning and delivering features end-to-end from ideation through design and implementation to shipping and monitoring.
    • Making architecture decisions
    • Continuously improve our codebase and push the bar

What we think can help you achieve your goals 🏆

    • 4+ years of frontend software development experience
    • Strong hands-on experience with React & Typescript
    • Familiar with Redux, Redux Toolkit, GraphQL, and other popular toolings
    • Proven experience in working with CSS, styled components and design systems
    • Comfortable with switching between different codebases repetitively
    • Eager to write clean and DRY code


    • Familiar with SDK development
    • Excited to build stuff from scratch
    • Pragmatic and somewhat opinionated