Developer Advocate

Tel-Aviv /
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We are looking for a Developer Advocate to join our highly talented founding team and work closely together with our engineers and product to bring our product to life.

What will be your primary goals 🎯

    • ​​As the first developer advocate in the company, you'll be instrumental in creating the strategy, like what developers do we want to reach, what products and messages are going to appeal, and what's needed to build a movement
    • You are Builder: Builds small demos (code, content, video), tutorials, and samples for social audiences.
    • In the beginning, you will be able to cover a broad range of responsibilities, as we grow you'll be a coach and mentor to the more junior people who join
    • Focus on long-term investments in developers and developer communities through engaging storytelling and compelling partnerships.
    • You’ll write instructional and technical content that is concise, engaging, and appropriate for the audience and edit documents from multiple sources to achieve a consistent style and voice
    • You'll also help build and nurture the community, identifying and engaging with top contributors and fans, and help grow a real community of developers that love using testing products
    • Obtain product feedback and gather ideas from the community through open conversations.
    • Research, plan, design, write, and continuously update web dev and API dev content on our website and social media
    • Collaborate with product and engineering teams in defining the roadmap and prioritizing the needs of our partners, and developers.
    • Build processes that enable the community engagement program to scale while delivering the best experience for stakeholders.

What we think can help you achieve your goals 🏆

    • An experienced, inclusive, and driven advocate who cares deeply about developers, builders, and engineers. We focus on helping, creating, and engaging developers through community engagement and storytelling.
    • 2+ years of relevant work experience and knowledge in the tech industry
    • Customer-obsessed, with a strong combination of empathy and sufficient technical background to understand developers building in the cloud. We place our customer's needs above all else, including a drive to win market share or to deliver on a team’s scorecard.
    • Capable of breaking down complex problems to make quick and thoughtful decisions. You'll have to anticipate challenges, make tradeoffs, and build consensus.
    • Experience designing and building developer-facing products, making a delightful developer experience
    • Data analysis skills. You should be metrics-driven and able to blend quantitative with qualitative signals to inform decision making
    • Obsession with quality, design, and developer experience
    • Experience with programming languages: Javascript/Python/Go/Java or others
    • Experience working with Git, GitHub, and Markdown.
    • You're a great communicator and have excellent verbal and spoken English