Special Qualitative Markers/Graders and Subject Matter Experts

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StraighterLine.com, an innovative platform for college-level course delivery is seeking professors and subject matter experts (SME) in English Composition I and II.
Candidates should have an advanced degree (Masters or above) in either English Composition, Rhetoric, Technical Writing, or similar subject, have experience facilitating or teaching the course content areas, and have a passion for helping students improve their writing skills through substantive and high-quality feedback.


    • Review of a large number of student-submitted work, including essays.

You will be provided:

    • Paid training period
    • Regular norming sessions
    • Collegial feedback with StraighterLine staff
    • Efficient Rubric-based marking system
Note: SMEs should be prepared to log in daily to grade assignments; when logging in, SMEs should aim to grade all available assignments.

High ceiling for possible earning. Current evaluators make an average of $1,600 per month.

StraighterLine offers contract-based projects, competitive compensation, and valuable experience.