Qualitative Markers/Graders and Subject Matter Experts

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StraighterLine.com, an innovative platform for college level course delivery is seeking professors and subject matter experts (SME) in the following content areas:

English Composition (Developmental, Composition I and II)
Business Communications
Spanish I and II
Anatomy & Physiology
Health and Exercise Sciences
IT Certificate Exam Prep Course Development & Support: CompTIA Microsoft

Candidates should have an advanced degree (Masters or above) in their subject area and have experience facilitating or teaching the course content areas in question.

Scope of Work

    • Qualified individuals will work with StraighterLine on two types of projects.

    • Ongoing evaluation of student work: 
    • Training period
    • Regular norming sessions
    • Collegial feedback with StraighterLine staff
    • Efficient Rubric-based marketing system
    • Reviewing student submitted work (essays, projects, short answer questions, etc.)

    • Short contract course improvement projects:
    • Exam item development
    • Review/correction of test bank questions.
    • Mapping of identified open educational resources to the course content and text
    • Mapping of free/open textbooks (as an alternative to the proprietary text(s) already mapped to the course content
    • Revision and update of exams
    • Review of lesson materials to identify gaps in content, errors in content, broken links and/or bugs
    • Development of alternative course formats
    • Identification , deployment and evaluation of new features
    • Creation of rubrics for final examinations (if applicable)
    • SMEs will be engaged on a weekly basis as required with SL staff to identify deliverables and coordinate changes

StraighterLine offers contract-based projects with flexible hours. Compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience.

StraighterLine is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome people of all races, nationalities, gender, orientation and backgrounds to consider us. We encourage a diverse group of candidates to create a strong, diverse company.