Qualitative Markers/Graders and Subject Matter Experts

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StraighterLine.com, an innovative platform for college level course delivery is seeking professors and subject matter experts (SME) in the following content areas:

English Composition (Developmental, Composition I and II)
Business Communications
Spanish I and II
Anatomy & Physiology
Health and Exercise Sciences
IT Certificate Exam Prep Course Development & Support: CompTIA Microsoft

Candidates should have an advanced degree (Masters or above) in their subject area and have experience facilitating or teaching the course content areas in question.

Scope of Work

    • Qualified individuals will work with StraighterLine on two types of projects.

    • Ongoing evaluation of student work: 
    • Training period
    • Regular norming sessions
    • Collegial feedback with StraighterLine staff
    • Efficient Rubric-based marketing system
    • Reviewing student submitted work (essays, projects, short answer questions, etc.)

    • Short contract course improvement projects:
    • Exam item development
    • Review/correction of test bank questions.
    • Mapping of identified open educational resources to the course content and text
    • Mapping of free/open textbooks (as an alternative to the proprietary text(s) already mapped to the course content
    • Revision and update of exams
    • Review of lesson materials to identify gaps in content, errors in content, broken links and/or bugs
    • Development of alternative course formats
    • Identification , deployment and evaluation of new features
    • Creation of rubrics for final examinations (if applicable)
    • SMEs will be engaged on a weekly basis as required with SL staff to identify deliverables and coordinate changes

StraighterLine offers contract-based projects with flexible hours. Compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience.