Story Producer, Podcast - FREELANCE

Los Angeles
IP – Distribution
Studio71 is a premium global media company and content studio that develops, produces and distributes original programming across multiple platforms. Studio71 is a Red Arrow Studios Company and headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in Berlin, New York, Toronto, London, Paris and Milan.
What You’ll Do:
We are looking for an individual who has a passion for telling compelling stories. The Story Producer, Podcasts will be responsible for taking many sources of information including tape, news articles, interviews, and television, and shaping and supplementing them into a compelling narrative that holds an audience’s attention for weeks on end. The series will need someone who lives and breathes true crime, not only as a fan, but as someone who is capable of taking a look at the larger picture of the true crime genre and crafting a unique and compelling storyline.
This role requires the candidate to wear multiple hats at any given time. Having both creative skills as well as technical skills is a requirement. You will work with both talent and other research partners to create and capture scripted narratives as well as direct and coax out quality sound bites through interviews and discussion. 

The ideal person will have a strong understanding of audio production and knowledge of audio engineering hardware and software. Strong writing skills and ability to create narrative through lines are a necessity. The right individual will be able to work in a solo environment and as a leader and collaborator with both talent and vested partners.
The right person will be able to craft narratives that leave an audience on the edge of their seats waiting for the drama, mystery, and unexpected surprises every week of each case.

Create season/case outlines
Create episode scripts outlines that help tell a full story, as well as identify tape that is needed.
Weave together story with the assistance of an editor.
Capture missing tape to complete the story.
Work both as a director and producer concurrently, especially when working with talent to achieve robust performances and to capture larger story pieces simultaneously
Work with multiple stakeholders to execute vision for the project in a timely fashion.
Solely responsible for producing audio content from conception through final delivery
Identify and pitch story opportunities, finding the unique story angle while maintaining factual accuracy
3+ years of experience working in narrative radio, reality TV, or similar with strong narrative story lines.
Strong script writing skills, copy editing, world building around a central narrative
Proficiency in audio recording software and hardware, both in a studio environment and field environment
Ability to deliver cuts in a timely manner, receive notes, and handle edits and revisions on multiple episodes at once
Detail oriented and self-motivated able to work self-directed capacity
Any experience with reality tv storytelling, or audio drama is preferred