Technology and Product Management Summer 2021 Internship (Remote)

Los Angeles, California /
Internships – Summer Internships 2021 /
Unpaid Internship
Position Summary
The Technology Team is at the core of all custom software development at Studio71. We’re looking
for an intern to work alongside our Product Manager to gain an understanding of the tools and
systems we’ve built. Along the way, you will be exposed to the software development cycle, get your
hands dirty with testing our applications, take part in our metadata management process, and learn
about the multifaceted world of product management. No coding is required, but an interest in
building things and learning is a must!

Responsibilities and Day-to-Day

    • Work with existing applications to gain an understanding of what they do and how they work.
    • Use quantitative and qualitative data to become knowledgeable about our users, their habits, and their needs.
    • Test new and existing applications to identify bugs, defects, and provide general notes on usability.
    • Research and identify data on the thousands of creators we work with.
    • Assist in onboarding of new users to the applications.
    • Sit in on, and participate in, the product prioritization process.
    • Sit in on stakeholder meetings to observe and/or take notes.
    • By the end of the 10 weeks, you’ll have collected data on our users and Talent network, created your own bug tickets and written your own requirements document.

Preferred Qualifications

    • Familiarity with modern web technologies and user interfaces.
    • Interest in creating and analyzing products.
    • Excellent organizational and analytical skills.
    • Experience with Excel or Numbers.
    • Passionate about technology and learning!-Bonus! Familiarity with YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms.
    • Bonus! Experience with data analysis or SQL.

Before applying, please note, in order to participate in this internship you must:

    • Be enrolled at an accredited university for the duration of the internship
    • Qualify for academic credit through the program
    • Be available during PST business hours