Talent Manager

Los Angeles
YouTube – Network Talent
Position Summary:
Studio71 is looking for a dynamic and entrepreneurial Talent Account Manager with a detail-oriented approach. This individual must be easily adaptable and forward thinking.  You’ll oversee Studio71’s talent partners’ online presence with direct conversations to creators and agencies, working cross-departmentally to ensure a creator’s success: contracts, deliverables, ensuring milestones are achieved, optimization, analysis, reporting and more.
The candidate should have a track record of success among clients and their peers with an approach to learn as they go and a willingness to ask questions and absorb the business. Applicants will be assessed based on demonstrated knowledge of the entertainment industry, work ethic, and ability to meet and exceed KPIs.
Manage channel branding, optimization, programming strategy and brand executions for a curated roster of clients at any given time
Research and assess growth and trends within the YouTube landscape
Manage your client’s pipeline of internally sourced marketing campaigns throughexternal execution and communication.
Analysis of creative executions calling out successes, challenges and learnings for the future
Qualifying requirements:
Demonstrated knowledge of the entertainment landscape with informed opinions about the future of digital media
Ability to meet and exceed signing and roster growth targets
Unique ability to build and manage industry and client relationships
Strong writing skills
Strong critical thinking and reasoning = we want strategic decision maker
An entrepreneurial spirit who also thinks outside their job responsibilities at times
Please submit resumes to brianbaldwinrecruiter@gmail.com