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About Us

The internet is broken.

Yes, we have access to more information than ever before, but too often, hate and misinformation win. What if we could remake the internet into a place of trust, kindness, and facts? And what if we had technology to actually help us through complex decisions?

We are on a mission to build a better internet. Using the latest NLP and AI technology, we’re experimenting with radically new ways to help our users confidently make better decisions. It’s an audacious goal by any standard, but we’re ambitious people. We’re looking for a few more ambitious folks to join the founding team.

We’re not just wide-eyed dreamers – we’re pragmatic doers, too. Our founder and CEO, Richard Socher previously started an AI company called MetaMind. Salesforce acquired the company, and Richard became Chief Scientist, leading the company’s AI efforts. Prior to MetaMind, Richard received the best PhD thesis award from Stanford for his groundbreaking work on deep learning. Bryan McCann, co-founder and CTO, is a scientist and philosopher who led natural language processing teams at Salesforce after completing his Masters in CS at Stanford. Our founding team members have built companies worth hundreds of millions of dollars and scaled software to serve millions of users. For fun, we run marathons, paramotor, write poetry, read Latin, hike, and camp in the middle of nowhere.

If this sounds intriguing, say hello! We’re in stealth mode for now, so the company description is a bit vague – but we can tell you more once we you apply. You’ll be working closely with the founding team to apply cutting-edge AI and natural language processing to the most important consumer problems of our time.

About the Job

We are hiring a world-class team of software engineers to architect, implement, and deploy a consumer-facing product that harnesses AI to surface trusted information for more confident user decisions.

In these nascent stages, you must be comfortable experimenting rapidly: working with the founding team to collect user feedback, implement new interfaces (and the underlying technology they require: AI models, backend systems, micro-services etc.) and ultimately deploy your work in early product releases.

While you can execute on implementation and experimentation independently, you thrive in collaborative environments, can integrate feedback from active users into your own vision for the product, and can work with designers and engineers to refine our vision into your own.

Together, we will create a new internet: one built on trust, kindness, facts, and empathy.

You may be a fit for this role if several of these statements resonate with you. We are hiring for a team of software engineers, so not all of these statements need to resonate with you — when you reach out, we want you tell us how you will best fit into the team we are building and which skill sets you can cover and which you would like to learn:

    • You are electrified by the possibilities and challenges of building a consumer application with high public visibility
    • You have a strong understanding of fundamental concepts in mathematics and computer science
    • You have relevant exposure to concepts in machine learning and deep learning
    • You have experience designing, implementing, running, and maintaining production front-end code using React, NodeJS, CSS, and other frameworks
    • You’re passionate about details – you strive for pixel-perfect front-end code, buttery animations, and lightning-fast load times
    • You are always willing to learn what you do not know in order to create a necessary new technology
    • You can quickly iterate with designers and AI experts as part of a tight user-validated feedback loop
    • You can easily incorporate existing tools to solve problems you face, but you are excited by the idea of creating your own solutions when others are not sufficient
    • You want to play an active role in the entire lifetime of your work from the design to the magical experience it creates for users
    • You have a strong portfolio, whether it is a collection of professional, academic, or personal projects taking the form of production code, or open source contributions
    • Your past work reflects a penchant for clean abstractions and decomposition of complex tasks into manageable milestones
    • You are passionate about technology, a scientific approach to development, and experimentation in the product and across all parts of the organization
    • You want to be part of defining and building a team around a vision and technology that has a direct path to improving the daily lives of people all over the world
    • You have experience with large-scale crawling and scraping
    • You derive satisfaction from performance optimization
    • You will take joy in collaborative brainstorming and proposing novel extensions
We are an equal opportunity employer: your race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or disability status don’t matter. We’re committed to building a diverse, inclusive, and supportive workplace that is effectively distributed around the world.

• Competitive salary and equity
• Great health, dental, and vision insurance for you and your family
• 401(k) plan
• Unlimited time off (4+ weeks encouraged annually)
• Generous parental leave
• Flexible work hours