Senior Data Scientist - Computer Vision

Technology – Data Science
Full Time Employee
Swiggy started in 2014 with just a few restaurants on board limited to Koramangala in Bangalore, Swiggy is now India’s leading food ordering and delivery platform. We recently received our series H round of funding and were able to raise an astounding $1 Billion. We have grown beyond our wildest imaginations. Starting off with just 2 neighborhoods in Bangalore, we are now present in over 250+ locations PAN India and are only looking to grow further. More than 121,000 restaurant partners leverage Swiggy to reach new customers and increase their sales. All of this has been made possible only because of our motivated work force nearing 10000+ employees that run the show from start to finish. Every order delivered by Swiggy’s fleet of over 2,00,000 Delivery Executives, the largest in India, ensures a host of customer-centric features, while ensuring we provide unparalleled convenience for our customers.

Applied Research team at Swiggy is looking for experienced Researchers with an aptitude to solve challenging real world problems in the area of Computer Vision.
We are interested in practitioners and researchers with impressive problem solving skills to solve challenging industry problems in the Foodtech and Hyper local- From Food Classification and Recognition, to Delivery Executive Safety and Authentication, from Smart kitchens to supporting the new Swiggy Stores initiative, Computer Vision will be the fulcrum to enable the Swiggy AI ecosystem.

This role requires one to work on:-

    • Image classification, Object detection (3D and continuous), Weakly supervised Object detection, object tracking (in Culinary and Food tech)
    • Self supervised classification from clustering
    • Facial recognition and modelling
    • Real-time instance segmentation
    • Person Re-Identification, Image De-dup
    • Activity recognition, multi-person pose identification, gesture identification
    • Text to image generation, image retrieval and search
    • OCR + Attribute extraction 
    • We are looking for exceptional problem solvers, who are willing to work on hard, ill-posed problems and yet derive insights and drive results. Since most of the challenges cannot have a pure-play Computer Vision solution, we would expect you to have cross-domain knowledge in NLP too. 
At Swiggy, we never stop searching for innovative ways to put our consumers first, provide opportunities for our partners and employees alike, and nurture our business. Our journey towards becoming India’s leading food ordering and delivery platform is not short of a roller-coaster ride. All this way made possible because of our unwavering belief in our core values, from which we built Swiggy’s culture, brand and behavior.

Swiggy is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace dedicated to pursuing and hiring a diverse workforce. Come be a part of the exciting journey with us as we grow